Advanced Lumberfall Drop Guide

Update (8/13/2018): As of the latest patch, all weapon chests now drop the same items as a normal chest. As a result, locations with a heavy allocation of chests are the best places to land now. For example, the barn (which we have listed as Drop Location #4 in this guide) is now one of the best places to land in Lumberfall due to the high density of chests in the area. We may make changes to this guide depending on what direction Hi Rez chooses to go next.

Lumberfall has become the Tilted Towers of Realm Royale. It is, by far, the most populated drop zone in the majority of cases so if you want to get high kill games or if you just want to practice your gun skill, then Lumberfall is the place to go. In this guide, we’ll review the best specific spots to drop in Lumberfall along with tips and tricks to help you become the last one standing.

Drop Location #1

The first drop spot in Lumberfall that you should consider is right behind the Forge (West). There is a deck with two chests on it, one of which is a weapon chest (Northern one). As with all drops, you should always prioritize weapon chests as they are guaranteed to give you at least one Rare or Epic-level weapon. After you loot these two chests, you can go up the ramp to the South of the Forge into a room with a Potions chest and two regular chests. This drop spot is an excellent spot to learn how to handle the action at Lumberfall because it is close to the action and usually has at least one or two other players who drop nearby.

Drop Location #2

The second drop spot in Lumberfall to consider is the first major building South-East of the Forge. There is a spot under the upper deck by the ramp with two chests, one being a weapon chest (Eastern one). If you aim your landing properly, you can land right on the weapon chest and open it immediately which will help you with any enemies that drop nearby. Afterward, you can head up the stairs to the West of the ramp and go into the building there to loot a regular chest and a Potions chest. Always be cautious of players who land on top of the deck or at the building to the South which overlooks this drop area.

Drop Location #3

This is another spot that is a bit further from the action as it is on the perimeter of Lumberfall, but there is still a good chance other people land here so always be prepared. You should aim for the Southern portion of the building east of the barn (shown in the picture above) as there is a weapons chest there. Afterwards you can go in the doorway to your northwest and loot a normal chest + potions chest. From there, you can loot some of the chests on the ramp and on ground level then head into the action if you so desire. Be careful of heading straight to the barn afterwards as plenty of eyes are aimed that way, especially from higher vantage points like the building in Drop Location #2.

Drop Location #4

The fourth drop spot in Lumberfall we’ll discuss is by far the most dangerous and is smack in the middle of the action: The barn. It is best to aim for the south side of the barn and then use your movement ability (if possible) to get on top of the Southwestern platform in the bar as this will have a weapon chest. If you are a Hunter or Warrior, it’s best to avoid dropping here as other classes will be able to get to the weapons chest sooner. Don’t be surprised if several people land with you – you’ll have to be very quick with your landing to be the first which can take a bit of practice.

Listen Up!

While you’re looting, it’s important to listen for where sounds are coming from so you know exactly where fights are happening. A pair of headsets can help dramatically with directional hearing. If possible, you’ll always want to head towards locations where there is a fight currently going on (meaning gun fire is still happening) as opposed to locations where there was a fight (you previously heard gun fire in that area). The reason is simple: If two enemies are fighting each other, you can easily swoop in and take both kills with minimal damage (each kill is worth a minimum of 55 shards).

As you get more experienced at Lumberfall, you’ll want to start taking note of the weapons you hear from each direction after landing. If you see the matching weapon end up on the kill-feed at the same time as the firing stops, you know a fight just ended in that direction so you can predict that the victor of the fight is:

  1. Looting
  2. Healing
  3. Headed towards the nearest potion chest

This is not always a guarantee (e.g: enemy could go Forge to craft potions instead), of course, but these 3 actions are the most likely. You can use this information to easily take out unsuspecting enemies. However, other good players in the area will be aware of this and might have the same plan as you so always be aware of your surroundings because the second you fire, you become the next target for anyone nearby.

Tips for Being Aggressive for High Kill Games

You want to go Leeeeeeroy Jenkins on everyone, but you keep dying and you don’t know why. How aggressive can one be when landing at Lumberfall?

This depends on two factors:

  • The abilities you get after initial looting
  • Your gun skill / aim

If you are lucky and loot two good abilities after your landing, then you can afford to be relatively aggressive with any class if your aim is decent. You’ll almost always want to leave at least one of your abilities off cooldown for escaping. One common beginner mistake is getting tunnel visioned on gunfights and forgetting you have abilities, so always be certain that you are using your abilities to gain an advantage in fights (proper ability usage will minimize the damage you take which means you can survive easier).

We’re not going to focus on aim too much in this guide since that’s a whole topic in of itself, but there is one important skill you must be aware of: Peek Shooting. If you haven’t heard of peek shooting before, it’s self-explanatory: You find a piece of cover and then peek out for a brief second to take a shot at an enemy before hiding back behind cover. Since you are only exposing yourself for a moment, it is best to use weapons with high damage such as the Slug Rifle. As might be expected, Peek Shooting does not work well with automatic weapons.

Lumberfall is loaded with trees, logs, rocks and buildings that you can use for cover so use that to your advantage when pushing. Since Realm Royale is a third person shooter, always use right-hand advantage by peek shooting out to the right-side of cover (as you can see more on that side of your screen than you can on left – there is no shoulder swap in Realm Royale currently). Peek shooting takes time to master, but will allow you to win more engagements with minimal damage taken.

The other detail that will control how aggressive you can be is the abilities your enemies have and when they are on cooldown. There is no quick shortcut for becoming better at keeping track of this – the more hours you have on the game, the more experienced you’ll become at understanding each class and their abilities. However, you can speed up the process by trying different classes yourself and also paying closer attention to what your enemies are doing. Cooldowns are much longer at the beginning of games, so there are much larger gaps that you can take advantage of for being aggressive in the early-game at Lumberfall.

Class-Specific Advice


You have the best movement ability in the game for pursuing and the second best for escaping, but it has a long cooldown so it’s important to manage it properly. At the very start, it’s generally best to NOT use Heroic Leap aggressively because there are usually enough players in Lumberfall that you can be punished quite easily for chasing one person. In most cases, it’s best to leave Heroic Leap as an escape at the very start until at least a few people die. If going for high kill games, you can use it aggressively to clean up players who are currently fighting. Keep in mind that you can jump then use Heroic Leap to gain a bit of extra height to access higher parts of the area easier.

Flask of Healing is better than Shielding Potion in the early game given how little armor you have and will also allow you to pursue kills faster since you won’t have to worry about looting potion chests as often. If you Net Shot an enemy, always aim for a headshot afterward as this will one-shot most players in the early-game. The passive healing from Warrior also helps you push more often, which makes it one of the better classes for high kill games.


Thrust works exceedingly well in Lumberfall because the area has many hard-to-reach locations. Hunters cannot pursue you quickly if you jump onto a high spot (as they have zero abilities which give them vertical mobility) so remember that if you get into a bind against one. Avoid using Thrust in fights too aggressively because it will make you an easy target against better players and also makes you a target by players who are far away.

Healing Totem is one of the best abilities to get in the early-game so if you get it early, you can afford to be far more aggressive and waste less time on potion chests. Barricade is, as always, the best Engineer ability as you can shield dance and take minimal damage in most engagements. Sentry Turret, while an awful ability overall, is not bad in the early game due to low health pools. It can be used both aggressively and as a deterrent for enemies pushing you when you’re low.


Blink is excellent for surprising less experienced (i.e: most) players in fights. Don’t forget that Blink can be used to go upward, so if you and an enemy are dancing around a pile of logs, for example, you can use Blink to get on top of your enemy for an easy KO. Blink with a Shotgun can be quite powerful, but common Blink is on a 15s cooldown so be careful if it’s your only ability (Sensor Drone doesn’t count either in this instance).

Smoke Screen is very powerful in the early-game as you can use it to get free shots on enemies as well as to escape. Ghost Walk serves a similar purpose, but achieves it in a different way so it’s up to the player on which they prefer. Concussive Bomb is arguably the best ability in-game right now and this holds true in the early-game at Lumberfall as well. It can be used to quickly gain high ground (in combination with Blink if need be) and can be used to easily KO enemies if your aim is strong enough to hit them in the air. Sensor Drone is fairly weak and should only be used if there are no alternatives (especially since most of Lumberfall fighting is done out in the open).

Keep in mind that the Assassin’s passive allows him to both reload and swap weapons faster. In some instances, it can be faster to switch weapons rather than wait for the refire period for your particular weapon (the time between shots). Since you also reload faster than enemies, you should have the advantage during an extended battle.


Soar is the best ability for escaping by far and can be used to gain high ground easily. There is almost never a circumstance where you should use Soar aggressively in the early-game at Lumberfall as you will almost always be punished for doing so (you telegraph your position to all players and leave yourself without escape). If you are pursuing a fleeing player, it’s better to mount up than to use Soar if possible.

Ice block does not heal much or last long at lower rarities, so the best use of it while in combat is usually to mess up your opponent in some way. You can block a shot (by timing your ice block at same time as opponent fires) and then instantly cancel to get a free shot or you can bait out your opponent’s reload and cancel block to shoot them while they reload.

Fireball is self-explanatory and amazing in the early game if you are fortunate enough to loot it as you can do high burst damage and finish opponents before they even have a chance to shoot back. If you get Explosive Flask, try to go for headshots after slowing an enemy as this will usually one shot them. Wall is one of the weaker abilities Mage has in her arsenal, but can be used to block off surprise attacks or escape.


Lumberfall is a rough spot for Hunters to land because they have zero vertical mobility in their ability kit. As a result, it is better for the Hunter to land in a spot like Drop Location #2 since it is already a high vantage point. Dodge Roll can be used to swiftly move to cover if you are suddenly shot and can also help you loot faster inside buildings. Don’t be afraid to use Dodge Roll + Withdraw to quickly surprise enemies and get the upper hand during a fight.

While Proximity Mine has a long cooldown at lower rarities, it deals the same damage (750) no matter the rarity. In most instances, this is enough damage to kill or nearly kill an enemy as most will have been at least one previous battle. Since movement abilities have relatively high cooldowns in the early game, you can easily catch an enemy without a movement ability and throw the Proximity Mine near them. This will force them to either try shooting the mine (hence turning their attention away from you) or to ignore the mine and hope they can kill you in time. Either way is advantageous to the Hunter.

Blast Shot can help you win many early engagements as it is essentially a worse version of Fireball (the AoE damage is minimal). In some instances, however, the AoE damage can kill unsuspecting enemies who are at very low health (a common occurrence in the early-game). Flare has limited use in the early-game due to high cooldown at lower rarities, but can still be useful for lining up shots and keeping track of enemies.

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