Beginner’s Landing Guide for Realm Royale

Update (8/13/2018): As of the latest patch, all weapon chests now drop the same items as a normal chest. All drop locations mentioned in this guide are still viable, but there might be slightly better options available now after this change. We may change parts of this guide in the future depending on what Hi Rez chooses to do moving forward. Again, all spots in this guide are still good locations to land. However, you do not need to prioritize weapon chests like before.

Knowing where to land is important to understand in any Battle Royale, but it is especially important in Realm Royale. You’ll want to land at places with a high density of chests so that you can gear up quickly. Furthermore, it’s best to go to land in locations that best suit your preferred game-style (passive or aggressive).

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the most popular areas to land along with specific spots within those areas for the fastest looting and best positioning. While this guide won’t be exhaustive (in that it won’t cover every single area you can drop), it should provide you enough areas and spots to drop that you will always have options on where to go as each game starts.


Lumberfall is one of the top contenders for being the “Tilted Towers” of Realm Royale and for good reason: There is tons of loot and tons of players who drop there. There is a lot of vertical terrain so the Hunter class isn’t at its best here as they have no vertical mobility abilities. All other classes are well equipped to get to multiple chests quickly.

Since Lumberfall is the most populated drop area in the game currently, we have a separate guide dedicated to dropping at Lumberfall specifically. Check it out for more details on the best spots to land along with tips on how to improve your performance.

Rotation Options: Fungal Forest is generally the best option if looking for more kills. Crossing has also become an excellent rotation option since the multiple updates to its appearance and loot. You can also consider Valley if the circle is on the eastern portion of the map. 

Fungal Forest

Fungal Forest is also one of the most popular drop locations and usually has at least some action up until the fog sets in. Assassins & Mages will find themselves able to both pursue & escape by going through windows and Hunters will benefit from their short cooldown roll (helps loot faster and rush to cover which there is plenty of). Engineers, Assassins and Mages are all capable of going on top of the mushrooms throughout Fungal Forest if they need a higher vantage point or want to retreat from battle temporarily (although the Assassin will find this difficult as they will need to use Concussive Bomb along with Blink in most instances).

Drop Location #1

Located on the Eastern side of Fungal Forest at the end of the road. This is one of the few spots where there is a weapons chest right outside that you can land on. Unfortunately the picture above doesn’t show it (since Realm Royale doesn’t render chests in the early-game until you are very close), but it is right next to the crates in the middle of the screen. You can immediately loot this chest and have a Rare or Epic weapon to fight with. Note that there is occasionally other players who will land at this exact chest, so be prepared to spam whatever button you have set for picking up weapons. It is recommended you loot the house on the left in this picture before heading West into the heart of Fungal.

Drop Location #2

Located in the far Southwestern corner of Fungal Forest. This is a looting spot far away from the main action and, as such, you will often find yourself landing here alone or with few other people. This is a great drop location if you prefer being looted before you get into any big fights. If you head immediately left from the building entrance shown above, there is a weapons chest you can loot to start your game off strong. Take a close look at the minimap in the picture above if you are struggling to find where the building is. After looting this building, you can head north and loot even more or you can head East into the heart of Fungal to take on other players.

Drop Location #3

Located on the balcony for the building in the center of Fungal Forest. If you prefer going straight into the middle of the action, then this is the best spot for you. This landing puts you right in the middle of Fungal Forest and also provides you height advantage. Make sure you land on top of the balcony (not below it) and head through the doorway for the central building shown above. There is a weapons chest immediately in front of you and a normal chest in the same room. You can then head to the east building (left building in the picture) to loot even more chests and get started from there.

Rotation Options: Lumberfall and Jade Gardens are both excellent spots to check (Lumberfall will generally have more action if you move quickly enough). 

Coldmist Village

Coldmist is often a heavy drop zone when the Zeppelin spawns nearby and will usually get a few stragglers even when the Zeppelin spawns further away. There are two separate sections you can drop to – The main portion of the village with the Forge or the southern portion of the village with 3 buildings. While there are several different places that are great to land at, we’ll be showing two specific ones below.

Drop Location #1

This is the Eastern building of the 3 buildings in the Southern portion of Coldmist Village. It will take some practice, but you will want to land on the balcony depicted in the picture above as there is a weapons chest immediately in front of you once you land. It is common for other players to attempt landing at this building, so be prepared to rush for the chest and take them out as quickly as possible. Once you loot this building, you should head to the Western building and then continue looting north until you reach the main portion of Coldmist Village where the Forge is. It is not worth going to the Southern most house as it only has one normal chest.

Drop Location #2

This building is just East of the Forge and is in the main portion of Coldmist Village. There is a weapons chest on the upper floor so it is ideal to land on the balcony (directly below where the Assassin is in the above picture). Once you loot this building, you can either fight other players who landed nearby (such as the Forge) or you can head South and try cutting off any players who landed near Drop Location #1. 


This is a risky drop, but among the most fun in the game. There will almost always be at least one other person who lands here and the race is on for who gets to the chest first. As might be obvious already, there are only two spots to land: The West side and the East side.

If you land on the East side, there is a weapon chest a little way into the pass. Both Warriors and Assassins are at an advantage on the East side as whoever gets to the weapon chest first wins and generally speaking, Heroic Leap and Blink are the best abilities for quickly getting to the chest.

If you do go to the East side and make it to the weapon chest first, clean up anyone else who landed with whatever weapon you received. Proceed to loot the normal chest nearby then mount and rush the Forge room. From here, you have multiple options on where to go. There is a weapons chest right in front of you as you enter the Forge room that you can loot. It’s generally faster to go to the Southern portion of Underpass as opposed to the Northern portion, so you might want to head there first. It is common to find players in here, so be prepared to fight or clean up.

People usually land on both sides of Underpass so always be prepared to fight as you approach the Forge room. Even if no one is there or in your line of sight, you should always be prepared for people to enter the room as you loot the treasure chests inside. Keep an eye out at all times because it’s hard to win a fight if an enemy gets the first shot on you.

If you land on the West side, there is one normal chest immediately by the cave opening and an entrance to the Southern portion of the Underpass. There are times where it might be worth skipping the normal chest and instead rushing either the Forge room (there two normal chests you will run into quickly) or the Southern portion of the Underpass and loot what’s there.

Never get comfortable when in the Underpass early-game even if it seems cleared. First, the Underpass is large enough that it can be difficult to hear players who are in a different portion of it (especially the Northern part). Secondly, players will often come in a bit delayed from the initial landing in hopes of cleaning out players such as yourself who likely just had several fights. Prioritize healing over crafting and other actions as a few seconds can make all the difference in winning against any “stragglers” who try to snipe you while you’re forging.

Rotation Options: Crossing is the easiest place to check as you can see smoke from anyone Forging almost immediately after leaving from the West side. Depending on the circle, you can also rotate to either Lumberfall or Coldmist as both areas tend to be active.

Trinity Hills

Trinity Hills is a popular drop area, especially when the Zeppelin begins its path closeby. It is one of the most crowded areas in the game in terms of the amount of buildings, so there is plenty of loot to go around and many spots to drop. While there will be two example spots provided below which are excellent choices, it is worth exploring the full area as there are many different locations that you might find more suitable. Both of these spots are near the Forge and hence are elevated and will provide you a decent vantage point on the action in Trinity Hills.

Drop Location #1

This location is right next to the Forge and smack middle of all the action so you can expect for players to drop nearby. There is a weapons chest immediately inside the entrance of the building depicted above. There is a good chance that other players will attempt landing at this exact location, so you will have to be quick with your drop and looting. After you’ve cleared and looted the building, you have many different options. One is to head South and check for players in the plethora of buildings (there is a weapons chest in a building to the immediate South as well that you can loot). The other option is to keep high ground and patrol around by the Forge.

Drop Location #2

This building is just to the East of the Forge. There is a weapons chest inside a small room in front of the entrance depicted below (entrance facing the Forge). It is common for other players to drop to this spot, so be prepared to race for the weapons chest or to escape in the event that you are too slow. Once you have looted the building, you can travel across the bridges to access loot from the other houses on top of the hills (and head towards Drop Location #1, which is just West of this spot) or you can head towards the outskirts of the town where there is occasional fighting. 

Wrapping It Up

This guide is by no means exhaustive as there are many other excellent spots you can land with plenty of loot and fights. However, the areas listed above are among the most popular in the game and will almost always have a few players and sometimes many more depending on the lobby and Zeppelin spawn location. It takes time to learn any area in the game so if you ever want to become more familiar with an area, keep dropping there and eventually you will remember chest locations and popular spots. We hope this guide helped you and let us know in the comments where you’ll be dropping!

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