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Update (9/28/18): After going through the removal of classes for several weeks, it seems Hi Rez is now willing to reintroduce them to the game. However, they won’t be coming back as they were before and it doesn’t look like the Engineer will be making a reappearance. Do not expect any updates in this tier list while Hi Rez continually shifts their game around.

The Tier list provided below is our best attempt to evaluate the performance of each class and rank them accordingly. As with any tier list, the rankings are highly subjective and up for debate. However, we will always provide our reasoning for every class under each ranking. We will update this list any time we believe there has been a shift in the current metagame, so check back often if you want to stay up to date with the latest class rankings.

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Last Updated: August 11th, 2018
Last Tier Shift: July 20th, 2018

Rank 1: Assassin

The Assassin has the highest average win percentage (Source: in all BR game modes (Solo, Duo, and Squad), so the stats speak for themselves. The Assassin currently has the best toolkit of any class in game and is the only class to have 3 abilities that are usable in every situation (Sensor Drone being the only relatively weak ability). His class weapon, the Sniper Rifle, dominates the long-range and has the ability to turn around any battle if used in combination with either Concussion Bomb or Ghost Walk.

The Assassin is able to both pursue and escape flawlessly due to his high mobility abilities, Concussion Bomb and Blink. While in combat, he can often determine the pace of battle with either Ghost Walk or Smoke Screen as it is difficult for enemies to push an Assassin who has either ability off cooldown. These two abilities, Ghost Walk and Smoke Screen, also provide him the ability to take the upperhand in most close-range battles by allowing him to get a free shot off on an opponent.

The only possible weakness the Assassin has currently is his early-game due to the high cooldown on Blink at common rarity, but his other abilities perform well even at low rarities (aside from Sensor Drone).  As such, he still performs better than most classes even in the early-game. For these reasons, we believe the Asssassin deserves his position as the highest ranked class in-game.

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Rank 2: Engineer

The Engineer has ascended to take over the Warrior as the second best class following the recent Heroic Leap nerfs. He also had his Thrust buffed to a much shorter cooldown and two charges. Furthermore, Concussive Bomb no longer passes through Barricade which was previously a major weakness for Engineers. The gap between the Engineer and Assassin has narrowed since these buffs and we now believe you can argue either way for who is the best overall.

The Engineer has excellent zoning abilities that make engaging him on anything other than his own terms nearly impossible. Barricade punishes any enemies who are overly aggressive as shield dancing makes it difficult to damage the Engineer, yet he is able to return fire with ease. Fire Bomb can be used aggressively to push enemies out from cover or it can be used defensively to prevent enemies from chasing the Engineer while he either heals or escapes. Healing Totem has the highest health recovery per tick in-game as at Legendary rarity (heals faster than health potions on a per-second basis). This enables both himself and any teammates to re-engage battles quicker, often wearing out any unsuspecting opponents.

The Engineer’s primary weakness is his lackluster Turret ability and how easy of a target he is after using his Thrust ability. However, Turret is still relatively useful in the early-game due to low health pools. Thrust now has two charges and doesn’t jump as high so the main drawback of becoming an easy target can be mitigated by only using one charge. You can also use Thrust by cover or obstacles to obscure an opponent’s view. All in all, the Engineer has earned his keep as the second strongest class in game.

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Rank 3: Mage

The Mage has had numerous shifts in her positioning over the course of Realm Royale, having once been the strongest class. However, she now sits at the middle of the tier list. The Mage’s passive, +30% potion effectiveness, enables her to re-engage quicker during battles with a higher health pool than enemies in many instances. The Mage is known for her high burst damage gameplay due to both Fireball and her class weapon, the Stone Spear.

Soar is the best escape ability in the game as it is almost always useful and is difficult for enemies to hit unless they are using a hitscan weapon. Soar enables the Mage to access areas that other classes struggle to reach or cannot reach. As such, Soar can be used to disengage from almost any battle if needed. Fireball is excellent for bursting enemies down before they even know what happened to them as you can use it between shots without losing hardly any time on your firing rate. Ice Block enables the Mage to stall and either escape with Soar or burst down an enemy with Fireball after the Ice Block finishes.

The biggest weakness of the Mage is her ability pool: Two of her abilities, Wall and Explosive Flask, are nearly unplayable in comparison to other abilities in the game. As such, it is a frequent occurrence to get a “useless” ability from the Forge or chests which can set back the Mage in the late-game. Furthermore, Fireball is significantly better when upgraded. These ability drawbacks means that the Mage has high variance in her performance compared to other classes which is a significant drawback.

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Rank 4: Warrior

The Warrior has declined from 2nd on the tier list to 4th after the Heroic Leap nerfs. Despite this, his ability kit still provides him the best mobility in the game which makes him both difficult to kill and difficult to escape from. While his burst damage has been reduced due to no more damage from Heroic Leap, he can still kill enemies quickly in close-range battles with his Throwing Axe and Charge. He has higher durability than most classes due to his Shielding Potion which lets him start fights with a higher overall health pool than his opponents.

The primary downside of the Warrior is the relative weakness of some of his abilities in the late-game such as Flask of Healing & Net Shot. The Warrior also relies heavily on Charge and, as such, is a significantly weaker class without it in his loadout due to the lower mobility. Lastly, the Warrior has a high cooldown on his movement ability which means it is possible he can be caught out if Heroic Leap is used too carelessly.

We feel the Warrior still belongs in 4th place on the tier list despite having the worst win percentage in all game modes currently. Our reasoning is that while the Warrior may not be anywhere close to his former glory, he still has an excellent mobility kit. The Hunter, on the other hand, has no vertical mobility which means there is no escape if she’s put into a bad position unlike the Warrior.

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Rank 5: Hunter

Once the strongest class on Steam release, the Hunter has since fallen from grace to being the worst class currently. This is because the Hunter lacks vertical mobility which makes chasing down other classes difficult and also makes escape an impossibility in many instances. This singular flaw is significant enough to put the Hunter at the bottom of the tier list. However, it’s not all doom and gloom for Hunter fans. The Hunter’s Long Bow is the best all-around weapon in the game, performing well at all distances and rewarding players with excellent aim.

Furthermore, the Hunter has been gifted with arguably the best ability in the game: Withdraw. However, Withdraw is only powerful at its Epic or Legendary rarities, meaning that the class is inconsistent in its performance based on whether or not you are fortunate enough to Forge a Legendary Withdraw. Blast Shot is effectively a weaker Fireball with some AoE damage (albeit significantly reduced compared to direct hits). Proximity Mine can be excellent while fighting an enemy as throwing it near them will force them to either use a movement ability or to aim at the mine instead of you briefly. Flare is a relatively weak ability overall, but can help lineup shots with the Long Bow to get the upperhand in a battle.

All-in-all, we suspect the Hunter will continue to see low play and performance until she is either provided some vertical mobility or her ground mobility is buffed to being far superior to other classes. Hi-Rez seems to be going in that direction since she recently had her passive changed to +10% groundspeed which increased her Dodge Roll speed as well. Godspeed to all Hunter mains!

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