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Realm Royale is a class-based Battle Royale (BR) genre game that is effectively a “spin-off” from the team-based shooter, Paladins. It surged in popularity thanks to Ninja and TimTheTatman deciding to stream it while Fortnite servers went down on June 7th. Many other streamers tried it as word spread and many found the game addicting and as a result, the number of concurrent players on Steam skyrocketed. Since then, there has been a general decline in the game’s population for a variety of reasons (unpopular patches, bugs, etc.), but it continues to hold a devout following and is still favorably looked upon by many streamers. If you’ve recently heard about the game and are curious if it’s the right game for you, look no further.

What’s Different from Other Battle Royale Games

There are four major unique factors in Realm Royale:

  • Classes (Unique passives, weapon and abilities)
  • Progression (Forge mechanic and upgrading weapons / abilities)
  • Mounts (e.g: Horses – Reduces travel time, often a huge problem with BRs)
  • Chickens (You heard that right…)

Classes allow you to use special abilities to outplay opponents and each class has a unique weapon (referred to as a “class weapon”) that can be created at a Forge (more on those in a section below). Each class plays completely differently due to the difference in abilities and class weapons so every player should be able to find a class that suits their game style.

Furthermore, progression during a match of Realm Royale is significantly different from most other BRs. In Realm, you can disenchant undesired items and create a currency called “Shards” which allows you to craft powerful abilities and armor. This makes the late-game exciting as you and your enemies can engage in some crazy battles due to having powerful abilities and passives (gained from upgraded armor). This also helps alleviate some of the campy gameplay that BRs experience in the late game.

Another common complaint for a lot of BRs is that it feels like a “walking simulator” during the mid-game. In an attempt to address this problem, all players have the ability to mount horses which travel much faster than on foot, but don’t allow you to shoot or use abilities while riding. This may sound overpowered, but there are a number of restrictions which aim to limit the effectiveness of mounts. Notably, if you take a certain amount of damage while riding a mount, you will be knocked off and unable to mount again for a short period of time.

Lastly, we have possibly the craziest difference of them all that probably makes some people think the game is a joke: When you’re downed, you become a chicken. This may seem gimmicky and like it would get old after the first few times, but it miraculously works well as a game mechanic. You have 30 seconds to try and survive as a chicken by either hiding or juking your enemies at which point you’ll automatically revive. We know how awesome and stupid that sounds at the same time and trust us when we say … It’s more awesome than stupid.

What’s the Same as Other Battle Royale Games

Just like any other BR, Realm Royale has:

  • Approximately 80 – 100 players in a game
  • Dropping from an aircraft at the beginning of the game (no parachute though)
  • RNG-based Looting (chest locations on Realm Royale are fixed, but contents of each chest are random)
  • Circle (Fog that reduces safe area of map so players are forced closer and closer as match time goes on)
  • Only 1 winner (called “Crown Royale”!)

Realm Royale Classes

Let’s explore how the classes work (feel free to check out our complete class guide for more details and our class tier rankings). The image below shows you the five different classes available along with their unique passives, weapons and abilities:

Each class has a unique passive (e.g: Warrior heals over time) and begins each game with a unique movement ability (shown to the right of each weapon). These movement abilities are designed to help you navigate the map (e.g: Engineer can jump high and reach upper floors of buildings easily) and help you either pursue or escape enemies.

Each class also has specific abilities that other classes cannot use. You can equip 2 of these abilities by looting chests or creating them at a Forge (more details on those in the next section). As you can see in the screenshot above, there are currently 4 abilities total that each class has so you will have to settle on only two for your loadout. As an additional layer of complexity, what two abilities you use of the four available for your class will change how the class plays (check out our Master guides for each class if you want to see the best ability loadouts).

Class weapons are among the most powerful weapons in the game and can only be created at a Forge. Each class has a unique weapon which generally plays to that class’s strengths. For example, the Engineer has a Grenade Launcher (similar to Junkrat from Overwatch) and his movement ability makes him jump high in the air (making it easier to hit enemies on the ground with his AoE Grenade Launcher).

As you can see, your choice of class will make a dramatic impact on your gameplay. You also need to play against certain classes in different ways which can lead to a high amount of variability in each game. Even within the classes, you can change your ability loadout depending on your mood (e.g: Assassin with Concussion Grenade & Ghost Walk suits very aggressive gameplay while Assassin with Sensor Drone & Smokescreen better suits passive gameplay).

Forges and Progression

Classes are often attributed to being Realm Royale’s main twist on Fortnite / PUBG, but the Forge system and progression also help put the game in its own niche. As mentioned previously, you can disenchant any item in the game (aside from potions) for Shards, a currency which allows you to use Forges which are located throughout the map as you can see below:

At these Forges, you can craft your Class Weapon (best weapons in game), Legendary Weapons, Legendary Armor (boosts your Armor points and provide passives), Legendary Abilities and potions (healing). While you can gain a decent number of Shards by looting treasure chests, the fastest way to gain them is to kill other players. Legendary weapons and Class weapons can only be crafted once you have Chicken Trophies which can only be obtained by killing and looting other players. This means aggressive play is rewarded, hence making games more action-packed.

Forges behave as hot spots for battle as players are greatly incentivized to use them. Crafting any item at a Forge takes time (30 seconds for potions, 60 seconds for everything else) so players must stay nearby a Forge if they want to retrieve their item after the crafting process finishes. However, using a Forge causes the chimney of the building it is located in to emit black smoke which can be seen by all other players, alerting them that a player is likely nearby that Forge. This also helps games progress faster as it encourages more fights (a common strategy is to hop Forge to Forge, looking for players who are in the middle of crafting).

Black smoke coming from chimney indicates someone is using the Forge.

Furthermore, you can only craft each available option at a specific Forge once per game (e.g: 1 armor, 1 ability, so on so forth) which means that if you want to craft maxed gear or abilities, you must go to multiple Forges. This prevents people from camping at discrete Forges in the middle of nowhere and maxing their loadouts with no risk. Again, this helps alleviate some of the pains of slow game pace which is often an issue in BRs.

The Forge mechanic is well implemented and while there might be modifications to it in the future, it plays a large part in why the game can be so much fun. In the mid-game, it increases the number of fights as players seek to obtain the best armor and abilities. In the late-game, playing your favorite class with a maxed loadout is one of the best feelings in the game which helps make up for the fewer players remaining. Plus, fighting 1v1 against another maxed player often leads to awesome moments and outplays.

Wrapping It Up

If you’re looking for a change of pace within the BR space, then Realm Royale has your back covered. We don’t think it should be compared to Fortnite, but rather be considered an excellent alternative for those who want a different take on the genre. It is strangely addicting so it’s worth giving it a try even if you don’t think you’ll like it. If you are interested, we have a lot of content dedicated to helping you get into the game if you are beginner or improve if you want to reach Master rank. Best of luck to you and go get that Crown Royale!

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