Master’s Guide: Assassin


Assassin is a strong class and, due to the nature of his abilities, rewards players for understanding his mechanics. He is one of the only classes in game that can play both aggressively and defensively with equal effectiveness and, as a result, it is worth understanding how to play the Assassin so you can best react in any given situation. In this guide, we will cover tips for using the Assassin’s abilities for maximum effectiveness along with listing optimal ability / weapon loadouts and strategies for playing the class. If you are looking to up your game as an Assassin, look no further!


Passive: +10% Weapon Swap and Reload Speed

Description: Used to teleport a short distance in any direction
Cooldown: 16s / 12s / 8s / 4s
Rarity Importance: High

Tips & Tricks

– Blink can be used to teleport through windows. In order to do so consistently, aim your crosshair on the center of the window for the best chance of success.

– You can use Blink to go straight up. If you jump then Blink straight up at the height of your jump, the Assassin can reach most areas that otherwise appear too high. 

– You can also Blink to go downward. This can be exceptionally useful for getting yourself back to the ground when fighting against other Assassins who Concussion Bomb you into the air, although it is worth noting that frequently your momentum from the Concussion Bomb might still continue after Blinking.

– Always be mindful of who you are fighting if you are tempted to blink either above or behind them. Newer players will generally be confused when you blink behind them which can lead to free kills, but skilled players can react quick enough that you should be cautious using Blink aggressively against them.

– Rarity reduces the cooldown on Blink substantially so you can start using Blink far more aggressively if you have Epic / Legendary Blink.


Concussion Bomb

Description: Knocks enemies into air for shooting. Can use on yourself as well.
Cooldown: 14s / 12s / 10s / 8s
Damage: 250 / 300 / 350 / 400
Rarity Importance: Low

Tips & Tricks

– The Concussion Bomb can be used to knock yourself into the air if you are within its blast radius when it explodes. It will always launch you in the opposite direction of wherever it lands, so you can throw it behind you to quickly move forward & vice versa.

– You can control the arc of your movement in the air when using the Concussion Bomb. If you throw it close to your feet, you will receive more vertical momentum which can be useful for reaching high locations. If you throw it farther away, you’ll get more horizontal movement (useful for moving quickly across map).

– You can use Blink in addition to Concussion Bomb to travel exceptional distances (including straight upward for navigating vertical terrain). This is excellent for escaping.

– You can also control the direction and angle of the arc that you send enemies into depending on what side of them you throw it on and how close to them it lands.

– Mastery of Concussion Bomb requires experience with hitting shots immediately after you launch an enemy into the air (especially sniper shots) as better players will react faster with a movement ability.


Ghost Walk

Description: Provides you temporary invulnerability and speed boost. Cannot shoot or use other abilities while active. Can be cancelled at any time.
Cooldown: 12s / 10s / 8s / 6s
Duration: 3s / 3s / 3s / 3s
Speed Boost: 15% / 30% / 45% / 60%
Rarity Importance: Medium

Tips & Tricks

– A common strategy with Ghost Walk is to activate it immediately after shooting while in a gunfight so that you can be invulnerable while waiting for your gun’s re-fire period to finish (the delay between shots). This will commonly cause an opponent to waste at least one bullet as well. 

– You cannot initiate a reload while Ghost Walk is active, but you can initiate a reload immediately before you activate Ghost Walk and the reload will continue to finish even after you activate Ghost Walk.

– You can cancel Ghost Walk and shoot within one game tick. This means that you can take your time to line up a shot while invulnerable and cancel + immediately shoot. This is particularly useful with the Sniper Rifle if you are good at aiming close-range while scoped.

– Newer players often don’t realize that Ghost Walk provides you invulnerability while active and hence will keep shooting. Look for them to reload and cancel to take advantage of their mistake. On the flip side, experienced players may hastily decide to reload immediately after you activate Ghost Walk so consider being prepared to cancel Ghost Walk immediately if you see your opponent start to reload.

– Always be prepared to use Ghost Walk at any time (keep a finger on it). It is excellent for preventing damage from a Warrior’s Charge or to protect yourself in the air if an Assassin hits you with a Concussive Bomb. You can also instantly activate it if someone shoots at you first so you can gather yourself and reposition.


Smoke Screen

Description: Throws a smoke bomb that explodes into smoke upon contact with any surface. If you run into smoke, you will become camoflauged for a short duration (even if you walk out of the smoke). Shooting, reloading or being shot will cancel invisibility.
Cooldown: 12s / 11s / 10s / 9s
Duration: 5s / 6s / 7s / 8s
Rarity Importance: Low

Tips & Tricks

– You can throw Smoke Screen on your feet to turn invisible instantly.

– You can throw Smoke Screen far away and then run into it so that your cooldown has additional time to reduce (works well if pushing with cover).

– It is possible to mount through your Smoke Screen and have both yourself and mount become invisible.

– If an enemy is inside your Smoke Screen, other players will not render for them which allows for aggressive strategies if desired. 


Sensor Drone

Description: Throws a small drone that will adhere to any surface it comes into contact with. Enemy players within close proximity to the Sensor Drone will be revealed (even through walls) to the user of the ability (teammates cannot see).
Cooldown: 20s / 16s / 12s / 8s
Duration: 2s / 3s / 4s / 5s
Rarity Importance: High

Tips & Tricks

– Sensor Drone can be thrown very far (so far that it derenders at times), so getting used to its trajectory can help you track down distant enemies.

– You can use the Sensor Drone to help line up shots on opponents hidden behind cover by leveling your crosshair with the players head. This is exceptionally relevant when using the Sniper Rifle. 

– The Sensor Drone can help you scout buildings swiftly so you can find campers easily if you prefer to play aggressively.

– Lower rarities of Sensor Drone are almost useless due to long cooldown and short duration. Sensor Drone is generally considered weaker than other abilities even when at higher rarities, however.

Ability Loadouts

In this section we’ll cover three of our favorite loadouts for the Assassin, listed in order of preference. Note that ability loadouts are highly subjective so you should always use whatever abilities you feel comfortable with. The loadouts listed below are what many players have noted as successful and likely have the highest pick rates.

You’ll note that none of the three loadouts listed below have Sensor Drone included. This isn’t because Sensor Drone is unplayable, but rather because the Assassin’s other abilities are often more desirable since they have higher impact in battle. Legendary Sensor Drone can be excellent, so don’t hesitate to have it in your loadout if you prefer it.

Concussion Bomb + Ghost Walk

This is widely considered to be the best ability loadout for Assassins due to the versatility and strengths of both skills. This loadout supports a more aggressive style as both Concussion Bomb and Ghost Walk are at their best when fighting 1v1s. Concussion Bomb makes hitting Sniper and Slug Rifle shots easier while Ghost Walk is excellent for getting the upperhand during shootouts.

Smoke Screen + Concussion Bomb

This is usually the “poor man’s” version of the Ghost Walk + Concussion Bomb loadout since in many instances, Ghost Walk is preferable as its effect is instantaneous and uninterruptible. However, Smoke Screen can provide you the upperhand in many battles if you are able to throw it onto enemies to prevent their vision of you. You can also use it to re-position yourself into favorable locations or to better line-up sniper shots.

Ghost Walk + Smoke Screen

If your aim is to cause enemy players to tilt as much as possible, then this is the loadout for you. In all seriousness, this loadout has high synergy and some players might find it preferable over Concussive Bomb loadouts. Both Ghost Walk and Smoke Screen offer you the ability to disengage and relocate at any point which means if you want to play a more methodical game-style as opposed to mechanical, this might suit you better.

Class Weapon

Sniper Rifle

Damage: 1100
Headshot Multiplier: 2x
Clip Size: 1
DPS: 1100
Preferred Element: Fire

Tips & Tricks

– The Sniper Rifle has a slight delay before you can zoom in and very high hipfire bloom, so it’s generally not recommended you use it in close-range unless you use it in combination with another ability.

– The Sniper Rifle has slight bullet drop which is more noticeable over longer ranges. Ensure you aim over the enemy’s head if they are far away, otherwise aim as normal.

– Unless you know an enemy is weak, it’s worth going for headshots over body shots in solos at close to midrange due to high damage multiplier. In duos or squads, guaranteed damage is more valuable so body shots have higher priority.

– Concussive Bomb + Sniper Rifle is one of the deadliest combinations in game as you can chicken anyone who doesn’t have a Legendary helmet if you hit a headshot. Even body shots will generally put you at a significant enough advantage to win the fight. Getting better at hitting sniper shots on enemies knocked in air is a key part of becoming a better Assassin.

– As mentioned under the Ghost Walk tips, you can cancel Ghost Walk & shoot at the same time. This means you can zoom-in at an opponent in front of you and take your time aiming while invulnerable then cancel Ghost Walk + shoot as soon as you line up the shot. 


Early Game

Similar to any other class, you should always prioritize finding a weapon chest in the early game so you have a Rare or Epic weapon to fight with and you should also look for abilities from regular chests. If you have the option, always forgo Sensor Drone as even the Epic version struggles to hold up with common versions of any of the other abilities in the early game.

This is because there are many fights going on at the start of the game and it’s preferable to have abilities that immediately impact a battle. Ghost Walk is high priority because the early game is generally more weapon focused than ability focused and Ghost Walk excels during gun battles.

When you go to the Forge, it’s generally best to prioritize the Sniper Rifle over Armor or an Ability if you have “average” loot (2 common or better abilities and a few armor pieces). This is because the Assassin is fortunate enough to have his best abilities not rely heavily on rarity and you can always loot Legendary Armor off of other players. In some instances, you may need pots in which case you should instead craft an ability + armor + pots of choice.

Late Game

Once you get into the late-game, your cooldowns should be relatively short. For the Assassin, this means that he can effectively engage and disengage with relative ease as Ghost Walk or Smoke Screen provide constant protection whenever needed and Concussive Bomb + Blink offers the Assassin the ability to both pursue and escape enemies. Sensor Drone becomes more viable in the late game if you have the Legendary version as well.

High Kill Games

If you’re attempting to have high kill games to improve your rank after becoming Masters, then we recommend checking out our Lumberfall drop guide as this will help you with “dropping hot.” Most of the advice for getting high kill games is class independent, but here is some key info to keep in mind for Assassins.

– You don’t need to Forge. The Assassin has strong enough abilities below Legendary rarity that he can survive well enough with loot off of chests and kills. The Sniper Rifle is excellent, but the Slug Rifle is a suitable replacement in most instances.

– Do not bother picking up Sensor Drone at any rarity – High kill games rely on you being in combat at all times and Sensor Drone won’t help you mid-battle.

– While the other ability loadouts we recommended above are all viable, Concussive Bomb + Ghost Walk is highly recommended for high kill games as both are best suited for close-range combat.

– Spend time mastering the Concussive Bomb because it has high outplay potential which will enable you win 1v1s and 1v2s even when you are at a heavy disadvantage.


The Assassin is one of the best classes in game right now and learning his mechanics is an important part of mastering the class. It is a class that thrives on mechanical skill and can be played in a variety of ways without too much drawback. We hope this guide has helped you in becoming a better Assassin and we’d love to hear your stories in the comment section below. Also feel free to share your own tips and tricks as well for other readers to see. Bombs away!

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