Master’s Guide: Engineer


The Engineer is a zoning class that prioritizes controlling enemy movement to his advantage. He often controls the pace of battles and can punish impatient enemies who don’t use caution in engaging him. In this guide, we will cover tips for using the Engineer’s abilities for maximum effectiveness along with listing optimal ability / weapon loadouts and strategies for playing the class. If you are looking to up your game as an Engineer, look no further!


Passive: +10% Forge Speed


Description: Jumps straight up into the air with high altitude. Has two charges.
Ability Cooldown: 4s / 3.5s / 3s / 2.5s
Second Use Delay: 1s / 1s / 1s / 1s
Rarity Importance: Medium

Tips & Tricks

– As with other movement abilities, jumping and then using Thrust at the apex of your jump can increase your altitude slightly.

– You can activate Thrust a second time after using it initially to achieve maximum height. Keep in mind there is a slight delay between uses.

– Be cautious with where you land when using Thrust as you can get the “heroic landing” animation if you drop too far, stunning you momentarily. 

– If possible, avoid using Thrust when fighting in open areas as you will become an easy target for better players. It also makes you easy to spot by enemy players who are faraway that you might not be aware of yet.

– It is best to use Thrust while around cover that makes it difficult to get a good viewing angle for you – the best example of this is around trees.

– Using Thrust when very close to enemies can disorient them since it can be difficult for them to follow your directional movements in close-range.

– Thrust should be used in combination with Plasma Launcher as it makes it far easier to hit your shots and allow you to use the weapon to maximum effectiveness. Note that the Slug Rifle or Crossbow have no bloom in air so they are strong weapons to use as well.



Description: Puts down a temporary, transparent barrier that blocks almost all incoming attacks.
Cooldown: 16s / 14s / 12s / 10s
Duration: 3s / 4s / 5s / 6s
Barrier HP:  3000 / 3000 / 3000 / 3000
Rarity Importance: Medium

Tips & Tricks

– Be cautious of tunnel visioning on one enemy while Barricading as it can be easy for others to spot you when you put Barricade down.

– Barricade will block all incoming attacks, but allows both your and your allies attacks to go through.

– You can walk through the barrier which enables “shield dancing,” or the practice of moving through the barrier over and over to always be on the opposite side of your enemy. This is even more effective in close-quarters. 

– Always be prepared to use Barricade at any time as it should be the first ability you use if you are unsure where you are being shot from and will give you time to re-position if needed.


Fire Bomb

Description: Throws a bomb that explodes upon contact with the floor and engulfs the surrounding area in flames.
Cooldown: 16s / 14s / 12s / 10s
Damage per Tick: 36 / 48 / 60 / 72
Duration: 6s / 6s / 6s / 6s
Rarity Importance: Medium

Tips & Tricks

– Fire Bomb will bounce off of walls you throw it at so you can use this to your advantage to hit areas that you can’t otherwise see.

– You can walk through your own Fire Bomb. This has many implications when indoors. You can rush enemies through your own flames or you can use Fire Bomb defensively to prevent enemies from pursuing you while you heal up.

– Since Fire Bomb is a thrown projectile, it synergies well with the Thrust ability as it is easier to aim the projectile while high in the air.

– You can use Fire Bomb to push enemies out of cover, such as a tree, by throwing it at the tree and letting the flames spread to where your enemy is. This means you can interrupt enemies who are healing behind cover as well.


Healing Totem

Description: Places down a totem which will heal both yourself and any allies within close proximity.
Cooldown: 12s / 12s / 12s / 12s
Healing per Second: 40 / 80 / 120 / 160
Duration: 6s / 6s / 6s / 6s
Rarity Importance: High

Tips & Tricks

– Healing Totem is excellent in the early-game as it provides the Engineer with some of the best durability in game.

– While healing abilities generally lose effectiveness in the late-game, Healing Totem has the highest healing rate of any ability in-game and hence can be useful, especially in duos or squads. 

– The Healing Totem can be shot down by enemies.

– As with any healing ability, don’t be hesitant to top your health off anytime you are below max and always watch the health of any allies in duos or squads in the event they forget to ask for healing.

– In the event that both you and an enemy break from fighting to heal, Healing Totem can help you get back into battle far faster than the enemy can with much higher health, so be sure to take advantage of that in the late-game.



Description: Places down a turret which automatically shoots at nearby enemies.
Cooldown: 20s / 16s / 12s / 8s
Damage: 120 / 130 / 140 / 150
Rarity Importance: Medium

Tips & Tricks

– While the Turret itself may not be intimidating to other players, it can serve as a distraction to give you time to heal.

– You can use the Turret as a way to “watch your back” by placing it somewhere that you aren’t otherwise watching.

– If the Turret hits an enemy, you will be able to see the damage it has dealt to them through walls. You can use this information to know exactly where your enemy is.

– While Turret is considered a relatively weak ability, it can be great in the early-game where health pools are low and many players may only be one or two hits away from death from previous fights.

Ability Loadouts

In this section we’ll cover two of our favorite loadouts for the Engineer. While we generally list these in order of our preference, these two loadouts are close-enough in usability that we don’t have a recommendation for one over the other. Ability loadouts are highly subjective so you should always use whatever abilities you feel comfortable with. The loadouts listed below are what many players have noted as successful and likely have the highest pick rates.

You’ll note that both of these loadouts have Barricade in it. This is because Barricade makes up for the Engineer’s otherwise lackluster combat mobility. It is difficult for an Engineer to quickly relocate into a better spot during battle, unlike other classes, due to low horizontal mobility. Barricade ensures that regardless of the Engineer’s current position, he has a response in any situation. Furthermore, Barricade is excellent at providing Engineers the upper-hand in close-combat due to shield dancing and, as such, we would advise against ability loadouts that do not include it.

Barricade + Fire Bomb

This is the more offensive loadout of the two we have listed here and is more common to find in the solo queue. Fire Bomb is excellent at forcing enemies to play the Engineer’s game as you can control their positioning based on where you throw your bombs. This loadout is at its best when in buildings as both shield dancing with Barricade and Fire Bomb are more effective in close-quarters.

Barricade + Healing Totem

This loadout is focused on preservation and it does it well. Healing Totem increases his survivability beyond that of any other class since it has the highest healing per game tick of any ability that exists currently (the gold version heals faster than using potions). You can use this loadout aggressively by forcing the enemy to continuously fight without breaks for healing. This loadout is excellent for both duos and squads.

Class Weapon

Plasma Launcher

Damage: 800
Headshot Multiplier: No headshots
Clip Size: 6
DPS: 800 (1 shot per second)
Preferred Element: Frost

Tips & Tricks

– The Plasma Launcher behaves like you would expect a grenade launcher to: It shoots projectiles that explode. As such, high-ground will help you hit your shots

– Use Thrust in conjunction with the Plasma Launcher to hit your shots easier

– Because the Plasma Launcher has a low rate of fire (one shot per second), you can shoot faster by switching between the Plasma Launcher and Slug Rifle than you could by using either weapon by itself. This is true even without Epic or Legendary Gauntlets.

– While the Fire element is good on the Plasma Launcher, often Frost is better: If an enemy is without their movement ability, you can keep hitting them multiple times easily due to the slow effect.

– Aiming at enemies who are higher than you is difficult. It’s generally best to switch over to your other weapon in the event that an enemy has height advantage over you. Use Thrust to retake height advantage as soon as possible.


Early Game

Similar to any other class, you should always prioritize finding a weapon chest in the early game so you have a Rare or Epic weapon to fight with and you should also look for abilities from regular chests. Healing Totem is high priority as it will provide you excellent survivability. Barricade is excellent as well since most battles are close-range in the early-game.

When you go to the Forge, it’s generally best to prioritize your Class Weapon over armor or abilities. The Plasma Launcher is a big draw to using the Engineer as it turns Thrust from a decent movement ability to a powerful one. Furthermore, aside from Healing Totem, there are no abilities that the Engineer must have at higher rarities to be effective and armor can be looted off of enemies later on.

Late Game

Once you get into the late-game, your cooldowns should be relatively short. If you are using a loadout with Healing Totem, this means you should be able to stay at a minimum of 1200 HP at all times which can help if you find yourself fighting continuous battles. Your Barricade should last longer too which is a double-edged sword as it is not possible to cancel Barricade and your Barricade cooldown won’t begin to reset until it disappears. Be cautious of that before rushing into your next battle. Most of the late-game is about mastering how to use the Plasma Launcher as it can deal heavy damage, but requires practice to aim effectively.

High Kill Games

If you’re attempting to have high kill games to improve your rank after becoming Masters, then we recommend checking out our Lumberfall drop guide as this will help you with “dropping hot.” Most of the advice for getting high kill games is class independent, but here is some key info to keep in mind for Engineers.

– You don’t need to Forge class abilities all the time, even if it may help. It is worth noting that if you forgo Forging class abilities, then it is best to go for the Barricade + Fire Bomb loadout as lower rarities of Healing Totem are not nearly as effective.

– Spend time mastering hitting your shots with the Plasma Launcher after using Thrust as this will singlehandedly determine whether or not you win many fights.

– You can deal very high DPS if you switch between your Plasma Launcher and Slug Rifle between rounds as opposed to staying on one weapon and waiting for the re-fire time to finish (the time between shots). 

– Keep in mind that your passive speeds up Forging so Engineer’s can afford to Forge more than other classes when going for high kill games.


The Engineer is a class which prioritizes game-sense above all else as you have all the tools to control the pacing of any fight. If you learn how to use those tools effectively, you will find this class highly rewarding as many players will play right into your traps. We hope this guide has helped you in becoming a better Engineer and we’d love to hear your stories in the comment section below. Also feel free to share your own tips and tricks as well for other readers to see!

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