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The Hunter is a class that requires good positioning and excellent aim in order to utilize effectively. This is because the Hunter lacks vertical mobility (none of her abilities let her take high-ground). As such, you must always take care that you are positioned properly whenever you begin a fight as re-positioning can be difficult. Furthermore, the Long Bow (her class weapon) is a high risk, high reward weapon that will seem useless to newer players who struggle to aim it, but is the best weapon in the game for those who can.

In this guide, we will cover tips for using the Hunter’s abilities for maximum effectiveness along with listing optimal ability / weapon loadouts and strategies for playing the class. If you are looking to up your game as an Hunter, look no further!


Passive: +10% Groundspeed (moves faster on ground, including on Mount).

Dodge Roll

Description: Allows you to roll a short distance in any direction.
Cooldown: 5s / 4s / 3s / 2s
Rarity Importance: Low

Tips & Tricks

– Dodge Roll is omnidirectional, meaning you can even roll backwards if needed.

– Dodge Roll can be used off of cliffs and other high vantage points to go far distances. It can also be used midair to travel further distances.

– You can use Dodge Roll just before landing from a high fall to prevent yourself from being stunned with a “heroic landing.”

– Always be aware of your surroundings as you can use Dodge Roll to quickly take cover if you are suddenly shot at by an enemy.

– Dodge Roll can be used inside buildings to quickly loot. Due to its low cooldown, this is exceptionally useful in the early-game.



Description: Jumps back a short distance, immediately becoming invisible as soon as the ability is activated (enemy cannot even see you jump back).
Cooldown: 14s / 12s / 10s / 8s
Duration (Invisibility): 1s / 2s / 3s / 4s
Rarity Importance: Very, Very High

Tips & Tricks

– Withdraw is arguably the best ability in-game at Legendary rarity, but hardly notable at common rarity. Rarity upgrades on Withdraw are a huge priority due to increase in stealth duration so always keep an eye out.

– Withdraw can be used to both escape and to attack enemies as it will provide you instant invisibility. The rarity of the ability determines how aggressive you can be with it.

– Remember that Withdraw always forces you to jump backwards, so if you want to travel in a certain direction then you will have to face the opposite way.

– Dodge Roll into Withdraw is a popular way to quickly move towards an enemy without them noticing and can travel far distances off of high vantage points.

– If you use Withdraw aggressively or while in combat, you should almost always get a free shot off as you will have time to line up your shot since your enemy won’t be able to see you.


Proximity Mine

Description: Throws a large mine that will detonate if any enemy players enter its blast radius.
Cooldown: 20s / 16s / 12s / 8s
Damage: 750 / 750 / 750 / 750
Rarity Importance: High

Tips & Tricks

– After you initially throw the mine, there is a slight delay before it will detonate even if an enemy player is within its blast radius. This is so they have time to react if the mine is thrown directly on top of them. 

– You can use the Proximity Mine to flush inexperienced players out from behind cover as they generally won’t react quickly enough to destroy the mine prior to it exploding.

– Using the Proximity Mine during a shootout can be useful as it deals heavy damage and can distract the enemy long enough (should they choose to attempt destroying it) that you can get a free shot in.

– You can throw the Proximity Mine very far, so it is worth spending some time learning its trajectory to hit enemies behind cover at far distances.

– Try to throw the Proximity Mine behind enemies as opposed to in front of them so that it is difficult for them to know exactly where it is and it takes them a longer period of time to either destroy the mine or relocate.


Blast Shot

Description: The Hunter shoots a large projectile at an enemy (similar to Fireball) that deals damage.
Cooldown: 12s / 10s / 8s / 6s
Damage: 350 / 420 / 490 / 560
Rarity Importance: High

Tips & Tricks

– Blast Shot has a small blast radius upon impact meaning you can damage enemies even without hitting them. However, this deals less than full damage.

– As with any damage dealing ability, it is better to Shoot > Blast Shot > Shoot rather than use Blast Shot first as this allows you to take action during refire period (time between shots). 

– Blast Shot has no drop-off, meaning it travels straight from where you shoot it.



Description: Throws a small flare that will detect enemies within a radius of the flare.
Cooldown: 14s / 12s / 10s / 8s
Duration: 7s / 7s / 7s / 7s
Rarity Importance: Medium

Tips & Tricks

– Flare does not reveal through walls like Sensor Drone – it simply provides you vision of enemies within short line of sight of the Flare.

– Flare reveals the location of enemies to not only yourself, but allies as well. This makes it exceptionally more useful in duos or squads. 

– You can throw Flare through windows to scout buildings. 

– Flare will only travel a relatively short distance regardless of what angle you throw it at, so be aware of that before trying to throw it at an enemy who is far away.

– If you happen to hit an enemy with Flare, it will do minor damage. However, it generally isn’t worth using Flare for this purpose given the difficulty in hitting enemies directly and the lackluster damage.

Ability Loadouts

In this section we’ll cover three of our favorite loadouts for the Hunter. We have no preference for one of these loadouts over the other. Ability loadouts are highly subjective so you should always use whatever abilities you feel comfortable with. The loadouts listed below are what many players have noted as successful and likely have the highest pick rates.

You’ll note that all of the loadouts listed below have Withdraw. Withdraw is simply one of the best abilities in game at higher rarities and it is hard to argue for a Hunter loadout without it (unless you’re stuck with the common version).

Withdraw + Proximity Mine

This loadout is all about surprising your opponent and dividing their attention. Withdraw enables you to escape many circumstances while also allowing you to hit free shots on unsuspecting enemies. Proximity Mine will disrupt even the most diligent of enemies as they will be required to either relocate or destroy the mine if you throw it near them. You can also remain defensive with this loadout by using Proximity Mine to block off enemies from attacking you freely.

Withdraw + Blast Shot

The focus for this loadout is surprising your opponent with high burst damage. Withdraw enables you to get the first shot on an enemy and by using the Blast Shot ability between your shots, you can kill enemies almost as quickly as Mages do with Fireball. However, this loadout is heavily dependent on rarity as lower rarities of Blast Shot won’t do enough damage to be worth using.

Withdraw + Flare

The benefit of running Flare over Proximity Mine or Blast Shot is better information on when an enemy is going to peek and their exact location. If you have strong aim with the Long Bow, you can take advantage of this information to easily take down enemy players. Flare can also be useful towards the end-game as you can use it to help locate campers both quicker and safer. Flare works for allies as well so this loadout is great in duos and squads.

Class Weapon

Long Bow

Damage: 900 (full draw)
Headshot Multiplier: x2
Clip Size: Infinite
DPS: 900
Preferred Element: Fire

Tips & Tricks

– You can fire the Longbow even if you don’t fully draw the bow, but the arrow will deal less damage, travel slower and drop off much more quickly.

– The Long Bow is excellent at short-range and mid-range, better than almost every other weapon in game. It is reasonable at longer-range battles as well since it has no drop off, but can be rather difficult to hit shots since it is projectile.

– The Long Bow is the quietest weapon in-game and can be very difficult for enemies to detect where it is being shot from. Use this to your advantage to quickly kill opponents before they can understand what is going on.

– You can pre-draw your shot in-case you know someone is nearby. If you want to cancel your full draw (so you can move at full speed) without firing the arrow, you can do so by changing weapons.

– You don’t always need to full draw the bow for maximum effectiveness in close-range battles. An almost fully charged shot can be just as effective and it is generally better to take the shot if you know it’ll hit.


Early Game

Similar to any other class, you should always prioritize finding a weapon chest in the early game so you have a Rare or Epic weapon to fight with and you should also look for abilities from regular chests. While Proximity Mine has an exceptionally high cooldown at lower rarities, it can one-shot most players who have been in any previous fights. Blast Shot can also be useful despite losing effectiveness in the late-game due to the lower health pools.

When you go to the Forge, it’s generally best to prioritize your Class Weapon over abilities and armor. One of the current drawbacks of the Hunter class is how important both the Long Bow and upgraded Withdraw are for the late-game. However, despite the importance of Legendary Withdraw, it’s still better to guarantee a useful item in the form of your Class Weapon than to take a chance on a random ability for the first time you go the Forge.

Late Game

Once you get into the late-game, you should hopefully have a Long Bow and upgraded Withdraw. If you do, you will be able to win many of your fights by going invisible and getting the first shot off with your Long Bow. This is why excellent aim is so critical for Hunters as missing the first shot can often make the difference between winning or losing a fight. If you are using a Proximity Mine build, your mine should have much lower cooldown which you can use to harass enemies who attempt to hide behind cover. If you are using a Flare build, you will be able to keep track of your enemy’s movements almost all the time so use that to your advantage for lining up deadly Long Bow shots.

High Kill Games

If you’re attempting to have high kill games to improve your rank after becoming Masters, then we recommend checking out our Lumberfall drop guide as this will help you with “dropping hot.” Most of the advice for getting high kill games is class independent, but here is some key info to keep in mind for Hunter.

– Unfortunately, Hunters are stuck with Forging due to the power of their class weapon and Withdraw. However, you can push off Forging until you reach an area that is likely to be somewhere other players travel to (e.g: Lumberfall, Fungal Forest, Jade Gardens).

– Get in the habit of Shooting before using an ability since 3 of the 4 available abilities for Hunter are thrown projectiles.

– Spend time mastering how to do a quick 180 so you can Withdraw in the right direction. This will enable you to get free hits more frequently when using Withdraw which can make the difference between winning or losing a battle.

– Proximity Mine or Blast Shot loadouts will generally be better than the Flare loadout for high kill games since both of those abilities are better suited for close-range combat.


The Hunter is one of the most enjoyable classes to play if you love fighting with a bow & arrows along with having some of the standard “Hunter” class type abilities that you might see in other games. Unfortunately, without vertical mobility, she currently struggles in the current class meta. However, if you master using the bow along with Withdraw, you will be able to take on any other class. We hope this guide has helped you in becoming a better Hunter and we’d love to hear your stories in the comment section below. Also feel free to share your own tips and tricks as well for other readers to see!

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