Master’s Guide: Mage


The Mage is a class that best suits the term “glass cannon” due to her burst damage nature, but in reality she isn’t fragile. She has the tools to both escape and stall which, if used properly, enable her to play a “hit-and-run” style that can be difficult for most players to handle. In this guide, we will cover tips for using the Mage’s abilities for maximum effectiveness along with listing optimal ability / weapon loadouts and strategies for playing the class. If you are looking to up your game as an Mage, look no further!


Passive: +30% Potion Effectiveness (Potions heal / repair 30% more HP / Armor).


Description: Allows you to fly in any direction at relatively high speeds.
Cooldown: 16s / 14s / 12s / 10s
Duration: 3s / 3.5s / 4s / 4.5s
Rarity Importance: Medium

Tips & Tricks

– You can strafe while Soaring. You should always do so if there are enemies nearby (and consider doing so even if there isn’t in case you are mistaken).

– You can fly through windows which can make for an excellent escape against players who are pursuing you (the only other class which can do this is the Assassin). 

– You can use Soar to access places that no other class can or to easily scale mountains or buildings. As such, always be mindful of your surroundings as Soar can allow you to escape to locations nobody can pursue you to (or can’t without great difficulty).

– You can use Soar aggressively to close the gap between you and an enemy, although you should always be cautious of doing so as you leave yourself without escape in the event you are bested (or are shot in the process of Soaring towards them).



Description: Shoots a deadly Fireball that deals damage to any enemies it passes through.
Cooldown: 9s / 8s / 7s / 6s
Damage: 450 / 540 / 630 / 720
Rarity Importance: High

Tips & Tricks

– Fireball is a relatively large projectile, so don’t be afraid to shoot it at corners where enemies are hiding as it will hit them if they peek you at all.

– Always do Shoot > Fireball > Shoot rather than Fireball > Shoot as Fireball does not interrupt your re-fire timer (the time between shots), meaning you can use it between shots with no-time lost if you shoot first as opposed to using Fireball first.

– Fireball goes straight from where you shoot it with no-drop off at all.

– Legendary Fireball can finish off chickens in one shot which can be exceptionally useful as in some instances, this can prevent you from putting yourself into an unfavorable position.


Ice Block

Description: Encases you in a block of ice which heals you and blocks all incoming attacks, but you are unable to perform any actions while encased aside from look around.
Cooldown: 14s / 12s / 10s / 8s
Healing: 300 / 400 / 500 / 600
Duration: 3s / 4s / 5s / 6s
Rarity Importance: Medium

Tips & Tricks

– You can cancel Ice Block at any time – always be prepared to cancel when an enemy reloads as this is a good opportunity for you to get a shot in without being shot back. 

– Other cooldowns will continue to reset while inside the Ice Block, meaning you can use Ice Block to stall for them to become active again.

– It’s generally best to use Soar immediately after Ice Block finishes as you will be an easy target to hit otherwise given everyone can aim right at your head while you are encased in ice. It is difficult to hit a Soaring Mage, so this is generally the best option to avoid being instantly hit after Ice Block ends.

– You can time your use of Ice Block at the same time an enemy fires their gun and then immediately cancel in hopes of getting the upperhand during a fight. It’s generally best to only do this if you don’t need the health from Ice Block.


Explosive Flask

Description: Throws a flask that explodes upon contact with any surface. Any enemies nearby will be dealt minor damage and slowed.
Cooldown: 12s / 10s / 8s / 6s
Damage: 200 / 200 / 200 / 200
Rarity Importance: Low

Tips & Tricks

– Explosive Flask has a relatively high curvature to its projectile arc, so keep that in mind when throwing it.

– Always aim for the head after you slow someone as you never know how long you will have before they use a movement ability (better players will be quicker), so you want your shot to count. 

– While Explosive Flask has a small AoE blast radius that allows you to hit enemies behind cover, this usually isn’t worth doing since the damage is minor and you can’t take advantage of the slow when the enemy is behind cover.

– As with Fireball, ensure that you always Shoot > Explosive Flask > Shoot as opposed to using Explosive Flask first during a battle. This is even more important with Flask since it doesn’t deal much damage, so being a shot behind during a fight can be disadvantageous and shooting first enables you to use the ability during the refire period.



Description: Summons a temporary Wall wherever you wish up to a certain distance.
Cooldown: 9s / 7s / 5s / 3s
Wall HP: 3000 / 3000 / 3000 / 3000
Rarity Importance: Medium

Tips & Tricks

– Wall can be cancelled at any time if you wish to clear your line of sight or start the cooldown reset timer sooner.

– Wall can be used to block off entrances / exits to buildings which can be used to your advantage for trapping enemies inside or outside. 

– You can cast Wall under yourself to stand on top of it. Likewise, you can also cast Wall under an enemy to force them up into the air and confuse them.

– Always be aware of the position of your teammates in duos or squads as a timely Wall can stave off any bullets if they are in a rough spot.

Ability Loadouts

In this section we’ll cover just one loadout for the Mage as, unfortunately at the time of writing this, it is the best loadout by a wide margin. You can attempt a loadout with Wall instead over Ice Block if you are feeling adventurous (especially in duos or squads), but in most instances you’ll find that Fireball + Ice Block is superior. As always, we suggest you use whatever ability loadout you feel comfortable with, but this loadout has the highest pick rate by far.

Fireball + Ice Block

Fireball deals heavy damage and Ice Block + Soar enables you to stall the cooldown on Fireball very effectively. This enables the hit & run style we mentioned before along with high burst damage possibilities. Ice Block provides the Mage with high durability due to high heal rates as well. Fireball is one of the best abilities in the game so it is hard to argue running the Mage without it due to its high damage and ability to easily kill chickens.

Class Weapon

Stone Spear

Damage: 350 (3-burst rounds, each pellet deals 350)
Headshot Multiplier: x2
Clip Size: 5
DPS: 1260 (only if you hit every shot, 1.2 bursts per second)
Preferred Element: Frost

Tips & Tricks

– The Stone Spear is similar to the Burst Rifle, except it is a projectile weapon with far better accuracy when hipfiring.

– It is possible to headshot every single pellet, meaning it is possible for one burst from the Stone Spear to deal 2.1k with perfect accuracy.

– There is a slight delay between each pellet firing from the Stone Spear meaning that you should be continually aiming at the enemy while you are firing, like you would with an automatic weapon.

– The projectile speed is relatively slow, so hitting enemies from far away that are moving can be difficult.


Early Game

Similar to any other class, you should always prioritize finding a weapon chest in the early game so you have a Rare or Epic weapon to fight with and you should also look for abilities from regular chests. Ice Block is a high priority as healing is always the most valuable in the early-game. Fireball can often win you fights, especially if the enemy just recently finished a fight (there is cause for using Fireball first rather than shooting first in the early-game due to low health pools). The Mage’s passive of +30% potion effectiveness also provides you additional durability over other classes in the early-game due to how few potions there are.

When you go to the Forge, it’s generally best to prioritize abilities and armor over Class Weapon until you have Legendary Fireball. While the Stone Spear is powerful, it has limited long-range use and the Burst Rifle competes well with it at close-range. Legendary Fireball is far more important in most instances and Legendary Soar is not too far behind in usefulness (it’s one of best escapes in game so low cooldown makes Mage exceptionally difficult to kill when piloted in right hands).

Late Game

Once you get into the late-game, you should have a decent rarity Fireball and Ice Block along with potentially a Stone Spear. At this point, you should focus on mastering how to burst down enemies quickly and how to escape in any situation. Since Soar is the best escape ability in the game, keep aware of your surroundings and where you can go to if ever put in a pinch. Ice Block will provide you additional time to consider your options as well. Fireball + Stone Spear will melt most enemies (even those in full Legendary) very quickly if you hit, so learning how to use that to your advantage is a key part of mastering the late-game for Mages.

High Kill Games

If you’re attempting to have high kill games to improve your rank after becoming Masters, then we recommend checking out our Lumberfall drop guide as this will help you with “dropping hot.” Most of the advice for getting high kill games is class independent, but here is some key info to keep in mind for Mages.

– You don’t need to Forge your class weapon. While Stone Spear synergies with Fireball for a high burst strategy, it is not necessary as other weapons like the Burst Rifle can fill its place with slightly lower efficacy.

– Spend time mastering how to Shoot > Fireball > Shoot as bursting down enemies quickly will reduce the damage done to you.

– Spend time mastering how to use Ice Block effectively so that you activate it when anticipating an enemy’s shot and cancel it either during their re-fire period or while they reload to gain the upperhand.

– Remember that your passive provides you +30% potion effectiveness which means you’ll be able to get back into the battle quicker than any other class.


The Mage has the highest burst capabilities in the game and, as such, can dominate close-range battles in proficient hands. If you enjoy being able to kill your enemies before they even know what hit them, then mastering the Mage is an excellent option for you. We hope this guide has helped you in becoming a better Mage and we’d love to hear your stories in the comment section below. Also feel free to share your own tips and tricks as well for other readers to see. Now go roast some chickens!

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