Master’s Guide: Warrior


Warrior is a heavily aggressive class with strong burst capabilities, survivability and high mobility. He is best used in close-quarters as his abilities reward him for staying on top of enemies. In this guide, we will cover tips for using the Warrior’s abilities for maximum effectiveness along with listing optimal ability / weapon loadouts and strategies for playing the class. If you are looking to up your game as a Warrior, look no further!


Passive: +5 HP per second (Health recovers over time).

Heroic Leap

Description: Jumps into the air with high speed and some movement control.
Cooldown: 16s / 14s / 12s / 8s
Rarity Importance: High

Tips & Tricks

– You can jump and then use Heroic Leap at the apex of your jump to go slightly higher. This can sometimes allow you to access areas you couldn’t otherwise.

– Don’t be afraid to use Heroic Leap to escape in conjunction with Charge as most classes won’t be able to keep up with you (especially Engineers).

– Since Heroic Leap sends you in the air, occasionally towards an enemy, it is best to use weapons that aren’t affected by bloom in the air like the Slug Rifle, Crossbow or Throwing Axe.

– Heroic Leap is a hit or miss when trying to climb mountains, so be cautious using it to approach enemies higher than you as failure to successfully clear an obstacle will often leave you dead in the water.



Description: Charge forward with increased speed, dealing damage to any enemies in the way.
Cooldown: 11s / 9s / 7s / 5s
Damage: 400 / 400 / 400 / 400
Rarity Importance: Medium

Tips & Tricks

– Treat Charge as an effective second movement ability. It can be used for both escape and fighting.

– Shoot > Charge > Shoot is a common way to burst down unsuspecting opponents. You can change the direction you are looking while charging, so you can always keep your eye on an enemy even while charging through them.

– Charge can be used midair for increased momentum in the direction you are facing. A common strategy is to use Heroic Leap then Charge to travel quickly. You can also Charge > Heroic Leap > Charge if you are high enough and have Legendary Charge for traveling long distances.

– If you want to play aggressively, you can use Charge to surprise a corner camper by swiftly Charging to their side before they can react.


Shielding Potion

Description: Throws a potion that explodes upon contact with any surface. Any allies (including yourself) near the radius of the explosion will be provided a temporary shield.
Cooldown: 15s / 13s / 11s / 9s
Shield HP: 350 / 400 / 450 / 500
Duration: 4s / 4s / 4s / 4s
Rarity Importance: Medium

Tips & Tricks

– The shield provided by the potion does not absorb “overdamage.” In other words, if the shield HP is 300 and you are dealt 500 damage, then you will lose 200 armor / health. 

– Always be prepared to throw Shielding Potion as it can help protect you long enough to collect your thoughts if you are surprised with an unfavorable situation.

– Think of the Shielding Potion as providing you a temporary overheal: Be aggressive after using it as it will temporarily give you more effective health than enemies.

– You can activate the ability after you have thrown the potion to make it explode midair, before it hits a surface (e.g: if you hit the button to throw it twice, it would explode immediately in front of you). This is extremely useful for shielding teammates at distance.

– You can throw the Shielding Potion relatively far away which can help save a teammate’s life.


Flask of Healing

Description: Throws a potion that explodes upon contact with any surface. Any allies (including yourself) near the radius of the explosion will be healed over time
Cooldown: 16s / 14s / 12s / 10s
Healing: 250 / 325 / 400 / 475
Rarity Importance: Medium

Tips & Tricks

– Flask of Healing is one of the best abilities in the early-game due to low armor and the relatively low number of health potions.

– Flask of Healing loses its effectiveness in the late-game due to most damage being done to your armor. 

– Always use Flask of Healing to either top yourself off or allies – don’t be hesitant to use it even if you’re close to full health.

– You can activate the ability after you have thrown the flask to make it explode midair, before it hits a surface (e.g: if you hit the button to throw it twice, it would explode immediately in front of you). This is extremely useful for healing teammates at distance.

– Be mindful of your allies health as often they will forget if you have this ability and won’t ask for healing even if they need it.


Net Shot

Description: Throws a net that, upon contact with an enemy, deals damage and temporarily slows them.
Cooldown: 10s / 8s / 6s / 4s
Damage: 200 / 200 / 200 / 200
Slow: 20% / 40% / 60% / 80%
Rarity Importance: Medium

Tips & Tricks

– Net Shot is thrown in a straight line from where you are aiming (no drop). It is not affected by bloom in the air, so you can use it while Heroic Leaping towards an enemy if necessary.

– Always aim for headshots after you slow an enemy as they should be relatively easy to hit. Good players will use a movement ability swiftly after being slowed, so you want to make your shot count. 

– Net Shot has a large hitbox, so despite it being a weak and slow traveling projectile, it can be used to finish off low health opponents in close-range battles

– Due to Net Shot’s large hitbox, you can prefire corners against enemies and hit them if they peek out at all. However, this is generally not recommended as you won’t be able to take advantage of the slow before the enemy is back behind cover.

Ability Loadouts

In this section we’ll cover three of our favorite loadouts for the Warrior, listed in order of preference. Ability loadouts are highly subjective so you should always use whatever abilities you feel comfortable with. The loadouts listed below are what many players have noted as successful and likely have the highest pick rates.

You’ll note that every loadout listed below has Charge in it. This is because Charge is by far the best ability for the Warrior in most circumstances as it provides him an excellent second movement ability that can also deal damage and confuse enemies. The Warrior loses a significant amount of mobility without Charge, so we generally caution against using loadouts without it if you have the option.

Charge + Shielding Potion

This is one of the most common loadouts for Warriors as it provides them the most durability in close-range battle while also having high mobility. Shielding Potion serves a double purpose in that you can use it both to gain an advantage at the beginning of a battle or you can use it to reduce damage taken while healing or escaping. Charge allows you to traverse the map quickly for both pursuit and escaping, along with confusing enemies in close-range battles with high burst capability.

Charge + Flask of Healing

As mentioned previously, Flask of Healing loses its effectiveness in the late-game as it cannot repair armor. However, it can still be useful for outlasting opponents and getting back into the battle faster. A common situation is that you and an enemy take a break from fighting to both heal up to full. If you have Flask of Healing, you can get back into the battle much sooner and surprise opponents who think they’d have more time. This can be useful when going for high kill games.

Charge + Net Shot

While Net Shot is commonly slated as being one of the worst abilities in-game, there are circumstances where it is useful.  In particular, Net Shot enables you to potentially get some free headshots or Throwing Axe hits. Unfortunately, players in the late-game tend to be better so you will often have less time to hit somebody who is slowed. Net Shot also does not benefit teammates as much as Shielding Potion or Flask of Healing do.

Class Weapon

Throwing Axe

Damage: 900
Headshot Multiplier: No headshots
Clip Size: Infinite
DPS: 1170 (1.3 throws per second)
Preferred Element: Fire or Frost

Tips & Tricks

– The Throwing Axe has no bloom while in the air, so be prepared to aim it at enemies that you are Heroic Leaping on top of.

– Charging through an enemy and turning around to hit them with an Axe can burst them down quickly and is one of the most common ways that Warriors “cluck” their opponents.

– Throwing Axes have a significant arc to their travel, meaning they drop to the ground relatively quickly. This makes aiming at enemies in the distance nearly impossible, especially given the projectile speed is relatively slow so better opponents will be able to avoid them at distance anyway. It is best to switch to your gun for long-distance fights.

– Likewise, it is also difficult to hit an enemy that is directly above you. This is a common situation when fighting Engineers, so always be prepared to switch to your gun when needed.


Early Game

Similar to any other class, you should always prioritize finding a weapon chest in the early game so you have a Rare or Epic weapon to fight with and you should also look for abilities from regular chests. Flask of Healing is high priority as it will give you the survivability required to make it through the early-game. Shielding Potion is excellent as well for preserving health and armor in the early game.

When you go to the Forge, it’s generally best to prioritize abilities and armor over Class Weapon. While the Throwing Axe is powerful, it is limited to close-range battle and without good abilities, the Warrior will find it more difficult to keep close with opponents. Warriors also benefit greatly from higher rarity abilities which makes them more important than they otherwise would be.

Late Game

Once you get into the late-game, your cooldowns should be relatively short. For the Warrior, this means you can constantly stay on top of enemies and outlast them with Shielding Potion or Flask of Healing. If you are put into an unfavorable situation, Heroic Leap + Charge can easily escape and with lower cooldowns, you are less likely to get caught without them available. Throwing Axe has some of the best DPS in-game, so don’t be afraid to stay aggressive and stay on top of enemies.

High Kill Games

If you’re attempting to have high kill games to improve your rank after becoming Masters, then we recommend checking out our Lumberfall drop guide as this will help you with “dropping hot.” Most of the advice for getting high kill games is class independent, but here is some key info to keep in mind for Warriors.

– You don’t need to Forge your class weapon. While it is a strong weapon overall, the Warrior can do serious damage with other weapons that have no bloom in the air like Slug Rifles or Crossbows.

– Spend time mastering aiming in the air while jumping toward enemies with Heroic Leap as this will help you take minimal damage killing enemies and thus take on more fights

– Spend time mastering how to keep your crosshair on the enemy while in the middle of Charging so that you can instantly shoot after finishing the Charge animation as this will also minimize the damage you take

– Remember that your passive provides you health over time so you don’t always need to spend the time to heal yourself to full (especially if you have Legendary Chestplate)


The Warrior is the most aggressive class in-game so if you enjoy constantly being in the fight, this is the class to master. It also has the highest mobility in game (challenged only by the Assassin) so if you master the use of Heroic Leap and Charge, you’ll find that most other classes are unable to keep pace with you. We hope this guide has helped you in becoming a better Warrior and we’d love to hear your stories in the comment section below. Also feel free to share your own tips and tricks as well for other readers to see!

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