The Complete Realm Royale Class Guide

Realm Royale currently has five different classes to choose from. Each class differs in the following ways:

  • Abilities
  • Passive
  • Class Weapon

When you first start playing, it might be difficult to figure out which class best fits your play style. If this is you, then look no further as this guide will offer you the information required to identify the best class for you to “main.” If you want a more detailed look at a specific class, we have a master’s guide to each class to help you best understand the mechanics and loadouts for your favorite class.


The Warrior class plays as you might expect: The primary focus is to get in your opponent’s face and do some serious damage. This class is by far the most aggressive and as such, its abilities and class weapon are suited for close-range combat. If you are interested in a more advanced guide for the Warrior, check out our Master’s Guide for Warriors.

Difficulty: Easy
Mastering Class: Easy
Tier Ranking: 4th
Playstyle: Aggressive

Heroic Leap allows you to jump in the air at high speed with some movement control. Since it is the fastest movement ability in-game, it allows the Warrior to both pursue and escape with relative ease. It can also be used in conjunction with Charge (more details below) for traveling far distances in a short period of time.

Charge behaves as an effective second movement ability which causes the Warrior to rapidly shoulder charge in whichever direction he is facing (can be used in mid-air for extended air travel as well). If you charge and hit an enemy, you will deal damage to them. Excellent for both chasing and escaping. 

Shielding Potion is a potion that the Warrior can throw either on himself or allies to provide a temporary shield against any incoming damage. The shield HP depends on ability rarity and it is possible to damage through the shield (e.g: if shield is 500 hp and you are dealt 1,000 damage, the shield will block 500 of it and you will take the remaining 500 damage). Often used in close-quarters fighting or to escape. 

Flask of Healing is a potion that the Warrior can throw either on himself or allies to provide a heal-over-time effect. The amount the flask heals depends on the rarity of the ability. Since you gain armor later in the game, this ability tends to lose effectiveness in the late-game, but can be excellent in early-game. 

Net Shot is a projectile that, if it hits an opponent, will deal 200 damage and slow them. The amount of slow depends on rarity. While this ability is often criticized as being the worst in the Warrior’s toolkit, it can be useful for landing headshots against unsuspecting opponents or hitting Axes (Warrior’s class weapon – more details on that below). 

As you can see, most of the Warrior’s abilities are centered around engaging opponents in close-range combat. Net shot is a relatively slow projectile (in comparison to guns) so it will generally only be possible to hit players in close-quarters with it. Charge and Heroic Leap are designed to help you chase down enemies or help you get away in the event you are overwhelmed and need to heal. Shielding potion provides a slight boost to the Warrior’s survivability so that he can outlast other classes just long enough to finish a battle. Flask of Healing enables Warriors to be extra aggressive at the beginning of games as it, along with their passive (regenerate 5 hp per second), provides healing without the need for health potions so one can re-engage faster. 

Throwing Axe is the Warrior’s class weapon and, as you might have figured out from the rest of the class description so far, it is best suited for close-range combat. This is because the Throwing Axe is a relatively slow projectile and has a significant arc when thrown (quickly begins to fall), so hitting axes on opponents far away can be quite difficult. However, the Axe is one of the hardest hitting weapons in the game and has perfect accuracy while midair (no bloom) which makes it excellent for rushing enemies.

Overall, the Warrior is currently tuned as the most aggressive, in-your-face class in the game. If you like the idea of rushing opponents and making them wonder what even hit them, then the Warrior is your class.



The Engineer class is focused primarily on zoning opponents with his abilities. It is an exceptional class when piloted by expert players who know how to utilize his zoning abilities to force opponents to engage on the Engineer’s terms. If you are interested in a more advanced guide for the Engineer, check out our Master’s Guide for Engineers.

Difficulty: Medium
Mastering Class: Hard
Tier Ranking: 2nd
Playstyle: Zoning / Game-sense focused

Thrust causes you to jump straight up in the air, allowing the Engineer to access higher buildings, climb mountains or surprise enemies. Thrust has two charges meaning you can jump twice before cooldown. Since Thrust is mostly vertical (minimal horizontal movement), it can make you an easy target. However, it synergies well with the Engineer’s class weapon and can be used around cover to confuse enemies. 

Barricade is arguably the best ability in the Engineer’s toolkit as it allows him to place down a transparent barricade which the Engineer (and teammates) can shoot through, but enemies cannot. It has limited duration and HP, but is excellent in close-range battles as the Engineer can “shield dance” (walk through the shield) to avoid taking damage.

Fire Bomb is a bomb that, on contact with the floor / ground, will explode and set the terrain around it on fire. Any enemy players standing in this fire will be dealt constant damage depending on ability rarity. This is excellent for both pushing players out of cover and discouraging players from pushing you. 

Healing Totem is a temporary totem that the player can put down which will heal both themselves and allies within close proximity. How rapidly it heals and the duration of the totem depends on ability rarity. This ability is at its best during the early-game when potions are few.

Turret is a deployable turret that the Engineer can put down which will automatically aim and shoot at enemy players. This ability is commonly seen as one of the worst in-game due to low damage, fire-rate and response time.

As you can see, most of the Engineer’s abilities are centered around zoning opponents into desired locations. Fire Bomb can be thrown at the ground by the Engineer to prevent enemy players from easily approaching them and can also be used aggressively to push enemies hiding behind cover (e.g: a tree or rock). Fire Bomb can also be used to prevent opponents from peek shooting you and flushing enemies out of small rooms in buildings. Barricade enables the Engineer to engage on his terms as often the best response for enemies is to wait for the Barricade to disappear. In the event that an enemy pushes too close to the Engineer, Barricade can prevent all damage if the Engineer shield dances by constantly walking to the opposite side of the shield as the opponent.

Turret might be a weak ability, but it often serves as a distraction to enemies and discourages them from pushing while it is active which can provide the Engineer additional time to heal or gain better positioning. Healing Totem provides Engineers and squadmates with excellent durability as at Legendary rarity, it is able to heal faster than potions.

Plasma Launcher is the Engineer’s class weapon and, as you might have figured out from the rest of the class description so far, it supports the theme of zoning opponents. This is because the Plasma Launcher is the only weapon in game that does AoE damage, meaning you can hit enemies behind cover and force them into unfavorable circumstances. The Plasma Launcher works just like a grenade launcher in any game as the projectiles have an arc to them. As a result, having the high-ground makes hitting shots significantly easier and Thrust is designed to provide the Engineer with high-ground advantage. 

If you like outwitting your opponents and controlling their every move, then the Engineer is likely the class for you. It is a difficult class to master and requires strong game-sense rather than just mechanical skill, but once mastered the reward is excellent. It is worth noting that the Engineer is likely the best class to at least have one-of for Duos / Squads.



The Assassin class can be played both aggressively and passively with equal effectiveness. This is because most of the Assassin’s abilities can be used to both engage and disengage enemies easily. We believe the intended design of the Assassin was to be more focused on being a long-range, stealth class, but in practice the Assassin can be used as aggressively as a Warrior in the right hands. If you are interested in a more advanced guide for the Assassin, check out our Master’s Guide for Assassins.

Difficulty: Medium
Mastering Class: Hard
Tier Ranking: 1st
Playstyle: All-around / Mechanical-focus

Blink teleports you a short distance in whichever direction you are aiming (including up or down for vertical mobility). It can also be used to teleport through windows. It is one of the most versatile movement abilities in the game and can be used to confuse lower skill opponents as well as traverse the map / escape into cover  when needed.

Concussion Bomb is arguably the best ability in the game due to its sheer versatility. It is a thrown projectile that, upon contact with a surface, will explode and send nearby players flying and deal damage. The knockback effect into the air is what makes this ability so powerful as it can be used to knock players into a predictable arc that is easily shootable. It can also be used on yourself to navigate the map quicker.

Ghost Walk turns the player invincible for the duration of its effect, but prevents them from being able to shoot or use abilities. While active, the player has increased movement speed. The most powerful aspect of Ghost Walk, however, is that it can be cancelled at any time. Skilled players will find they can both cancel and shoot within one game-tick to gain the upperhand.

Smoke Screen causes the Assassin to throw a smoke bomb wherever he is aiming. Once you walk into the smoke, you will become “invisible” (similar to Predator or Halo camo) for a short period or until you shoot / reload / use an ability. The smoke bomb also messes with other players’ sight (if they are in the smoke, they cannot see players outside of the smoke). 

Sensor Drone is a small drone the Assassin can throw onto any surface which will provide the ability to see enemies through surfaces in proximity to the drone for a short period of time. While this can be used to find campers and help lead sniper shots, it is often considered the weakest ability for the Assassin.

Unlike the Warrior or Engineer, there is no major theme for the Assassin. You can play however you want to, whether that is passively or aggressively. If you want to play passively, you can use Concussion Bomb to either knock yourself away from opponents, opponents away from you or both. You can use Ghost Walk or Smoke Screen to continually re-position and disengage an aggressive player. You can use Sensor Drone to keep track of an enemies position at all times so you know how to avoid them.

Likewise, you can use these same abilities to play a highly aggressive Assassin. Concussion Bomb provides almost as much momentum speed as Heroic Leap does off of high locations, making it easier to chase down enemies. You can use Concussive Bomb to push enemies into you or into a predictable arc so you can shoot them down with your sniper or other weapons. Ghost Walk allows you to get up close and personal, even in open fields, as it provides protection and can be timed with enemy shots / abilities. Smoke Screen can be used to blind opponents from your push or to limit an opponent’s vision while close and Sensor Drone can be used to find building campers.

Sniper Rifle is the Assassin’s class weapon. It deals heavy damage and, if you hit a headshot, is likely to chicken anyone who doesn’t have an Epic or Legendary Helmet. The ability set that the Assassin has helps with the primary drawbacks of the weapon, namely that it only has one bullet and slow reload time. Skilled players will find themselves able to Concussion Bomb unsuspecting enemies and hit them easily with the Sniper after the opponent is knocked into the air.

If you are more of a mechanical player and like the idea of a high skill ceiling, the Assassin can be an excellent choice for you. It will take practice to master the Assassin’s abilities: You might find yourself often blinking at a window as opposed to through it, or falling short on your Concussion Bombs when you first start. However, the payoff is exceptionally high and there is substantial outplay potential for this class.



The Mage class has the highest burst damage capability in the game due to the Fireball ability and her class weapon. Furthermore, she has excellent ways to stall with both Ice Block and Soar which gives Fireball time to come off of cooldown. Due to this, the Mage is by far one of the best “hit & run” type classes as you can attempt to kill enemies quickly and easily disengage if you are unsuccessful. If you are interested in a more advanced guide for the Mage, check out our Master’s Guide for Mages.

Difficulty: Easy
Mastering Class: Medium
Tier Ranking: 3rd
Playstyle: Hit & Run

Soar allows you to fly in any direction (up, down and all around) at relatively high speed. It is possible to strafe in the air easily and you can fly through windows. As a result, this is the best movement ability in the game for escaping. It can also be used to gain high ground advantage or access otherwise difficult-to-reach areas.

Fireball has a single purpose: Deal as much damage as possible. When cast, it shoots in a straight line wherever the Mage is aiming. Any enemies it passes through (it can hit multiple) will be dealt damage based on rarity. It is the highest damage dealing ability in the game and skilled players will find shoot – fireball – shoot will be enough to kill most players, sometimes before they can even react.

Ice Block encases the Mage in ice. During this time, the Mage is invulnerable and rapidly regenerates HP, but is unable to move, shoot, or perform any action aside from look around. Ice block can be cancelled prior to its duration being over (which can be useful if an enemy is reloading, for example). Often it is used to stall so other abilities can come off of cooldown. 

Explosive Flask is a relatively weak ability where the Mage throws a flask that explodes and deals 200 damage and slows opponents (similar to Net Shot). While it can be used to help land headshots or hit Fireballs, it is often considered one of the weakest abilities in game.

Wall is exactly that: A physical wall which the Mage summons in front of them to block incoming attacks. There are some interesting strategies that can be done with Wall such as using it under yourself to gain height or blocking entrances / exits, but it is generally considered too weak for play.

Unfortunately the Mage has limited loadout options since unlike the other classes, two of the Mage’s abilities (Explosive Flask and Wall) are relatively underpowered. Most Mages will stick to Fireball + Ice Block as it provides high damage output and survivability which enables the hit & run playstyle mentioned earlier. One common strategy is to attempt to rapidly kill an enemy with Fireball and, if unsuccessful, either Soar to escape or Ice Block to stall until Fireball is off cooldown.

Stone Spear is the Mage’s class weapon and has very high damage output. However, the projectile speed of the stones it shoots in bursts of 3 are relatively low so it is difficult to hit shots at longer-range.  Furthermore, the accuracy of the shots can vary depending on how you move while shooting so sometimes hitting all 3 shots per-burst can be difficult. As mentioned previously, the Stone Spear in addition to Fireball can deal damage faster than some players will be able to react.

If you like the idea of being able to fly around and shooting fireballs at people, then the Mage will be right up your ally. Mage also tends to be a class that tilts a lot of players, so if you thrive off of high sodium chloride levels, this might be the class for you.  Melt your enemies and barbecue those chickens!



The Hunter class is all about positioning yourself intelligently due to her lack of vertical mobility. To compensate for this lack of vertical mobility, the Hunter has one of the best class weapons in-game which rewards good aim along with some strong burst damage capabilities. This class has limited escape options unless it has upgraded Withdraw (details below), so playing aggressive can be a challenge. If you are interested in a more advanced guide for the Hunter, check out our Master’s Guide for Hunters.

Difficulty: Hard
Mastering Class: Hard
Tier Ranking: 5th
Playstyle: Stealth / Game-sense focused

Dodge Roll allows you to roll in any direction, including backwards (opposite of the direction you are facing). It is decent for early-game navigation due to low cooldown, but is still generally considered the worst movement ability in-game due to zero vertical mobility. This often prohibits Hunters from being able to pursue players who flee to high ground using an ability.

Withdraw causes you to jump backwards a short distance while going invisible at the same time. It is an exceptionally strong ability as the invisibility allows you to charge & aim a bow shot and usually get the upperhand in a fight easily. The duration of invisibility is dependent on rarity – at lower rarities Withdraw is hardly useful, but at the highest rarity it is in contention for being the best ability in-game.

Proximity Mine is a mine the Hunter can throw onto any surface. Whenever an enemy is nearby a proximity mine, it will blow up and deal heavy damage (has falloff). It can be used to push enemies out of cover (e.g: behind trees) or to protect yourself.   

Blast Shot is the Hunter’s equivalent of Fireball in that it is a projectile the Hunter shoots at the enemy to deal damage. Blast shot, however, deals less damage at each respective rarity. To make up for this, Blast Shot does AoE damage and can be used on surfaces near enemies to deal damage.

Flare is a flare the Hunter can throw into the air that will reveal enemies who are within close line-of-sight of the flare. Note that unlike the Sensor Drone, Flare will not reveal enemies through walls or other objects. Flare can be thrown at enemies to deal low damage as well.

As mentioned previously, the Hunter’s main drawback is her difficulty in traversing vertical terrain. As such, one should generally focus on positioning on the high-ground and using abilities like Dodge Roll or Withdraw to approach enemies quickly (if you approach at all). Proximity mine can be used both proactively and defensively depending on the scenario. It can be used to zone opponents into scenarios where they don’t want to be. Blast Shot can be used in a similar way as Fireball with shoot – Blast Shot – shoot for high burst damage. As mentioned above, Withdraw is among the best abilities in game at higher rarity as it should allow you to land a free shot in many instances and also allow you to escape unfavorable scenarios.

Longbow is the Hunter’s class weapon and it is one of the best all-around weapons in the game. It can be used in close-range, medium range, and to a lesser-extent, long-range. In many instances, you won’t need to use any other weapon aside from the Longbow after you craft it. The bow is notably quieter than all other weapons in the game, meaning it can be difficult for enemies to tell where they are being shot from which you can use to your advantage. Some players may struggle hitting shots with the bow, but if you feel confident in your aim, the bow holds its own against nearly every other weapon in-game in most scenarios.

If you love the idea of using a bow and confusing enemies with Withdraw, the Hunter is the class for you. It will take time to get used to the fact that the Hunter can’t reach higher locations without manually running or mounting there, but if you position yourself well, then you can master the class with good aim and game-sense.



Still not sure what class is right for you? Maybe you didn’t want to read all that text above? Here’s a quick summary:

  • Warrior is best suited for aggressive players and is an easy class for beginners to start with
  • Engineer requires good game-sense as his toolkit is focused on zoning enemies into desired locations and punishing them for poor positioning
  • Assassin is the best, all-around class that can suit nearly any play style, but requires more time to mechanically master
  • Mage is a high burst damage class which enables her to kill opponents quickly and she has excellent tools for escape and stalling
  • Hunter has poor mobility, but makes up for it with an excellent all-around class weapon and powerful legendary abilities – Strong positioning is well rewarded

If you are interested in seeing our tier rankings for each class, you can find that here. We also have an in-depth guide for each class if you are interested in learning more about any of them. Now get clucking!

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