Realm Royale Developers Propose Removal of Classes

Update (9/28/18):
 After removing classes for several weeks, it appears Hi Rez is ready to bring them back according to the latest livestream. However, they won’t be coming back in the same form as they were before. You can learn more in this Reddit thread or watch the full stream here. We don’t know what to expect with this change and our expectations are low, but this is positive news and we are happy to hear it overall!

Realm Royale hosted a livestream on Thursday, August 30th with news that they would be trying some of their most drastic changes yet to the game in an effort to revive it. The community has looked forward to any change from the poorly received patch they’ve been playing for 2 weeks now, but this newest patch sounds like it could be even worse for many fans of the game. Notably, Hi-Rez is proposing the following major changes to the game:

  • The removal of classes entirely
  • Only 1 ability and 1 movement ability as opposed to 2 abilities and 1 movement ability
  • Armor removed from the game
  • Runes added to the game which have specific bonuses for your character or chicken
  • Hitscan weapons removed

There are a few more changes, but those are the major ones that everyone is currently talking about. Social media reaction has been negative on Twitch, Reddit and in the official Discord. Unfortunately, we don’t have much positive to say either as we feel some of these changes will remove the aspects of Realm Royale that were unique.

Removal of Classes

This is by far the most controversial change and we are disappointed that Hi-Rez is even proposing it in the first place. Classes were a major part of why Realm Royale was a unique twist on the Battle Royale genre. Now with the removal of these classes, there will be far more RNG with getting the abilities you want since the number of abilities available to you will be far larger.

The Forge will also no longer be a reliable way for you to create weapons or abilities of your choice for the same reason. Also, based on some teaser footage that we saw from the livestream, it appears that the Forge has consolidated weapons and abilities under one Forge option called “Gear.” This means that there will be even more randomness in terms of whether or not you get an ability or a weapon.

Part of what made Realm Royale feel like an RPG / BR hybrid was that you could pick classes and main one. There was a unique playstyle to each class in the game and you could consistently play that style since loot from chests and Forging was tailored to your class. Now with the ability pool and weapon pool being so large, the likelihood you get your preferred loadout is lower.

Reduction in Abilities You Can Hold

If that wasn’t frustrating enough in of itself, they’ve also reduced the synergy possibilities for abilities by limiting it to only one normal ability rather than two. Now you can only hold one movement ability and one normal ability. As a result, the game will become far more gun intensive than it already is.

This is ironic since the developers said during the livestream that one of the characteristics most players liked about the game was the abilities. They even went to imply that part of the reason they want to try removing classes is so everyone could play with every ability. So why, then, would you want to limit the number of abilities one can have and force your game to become more focused on gunplay than ability usage?

We suspect the reason Hi-Rez might want to do this is to address the concern we mentioned earlier with the ability pool being too large. If the ability pool is too large, getting your preferred loadout will be a rare occurence. However, if they reduce the number of abilities you can have in total, then it becomes more likely that you will be able to get your preferred loadouts.

Drastically changing how the game plays to solve problems is frustrating for players as all it does is create new problems. It wouldn’t be farfetched to claim, based on statements made during the livestream, that part of the reason for wanting to remove classes is to address balancing concerns. We hope this is not even partially the case.

Out with Armor, In with Runes

Another major change is the removal of armor from the game and the addition of Runes. We aren’t going to speculate a ton on this until we see for ourselves how it plays in-game. This change could be either positive or negative depending on implementation. However, we will note that this change feels unnecessarily complex and seems like another way to add RNG to the game. You were practically guaranteed to have a full set of Legendary armor if you made it to the late game. With Runes, we aren’t sure how likely it is you have the “best” runes by the end game given you can hold 6 and presumingly there will be many more in total.

Back to Roots with Projectile Weapons

We like this change because the gunplay at the start of Realm Royale was excellent aside from a few guns which were poorly balanced. Many players feel that with the hitbox and server improvements, going back to the earlier days of gunplay could feel far smoother and we have hopes that it will be. If the game is going to become more gunplay-focused due to only having 1 ability, then any improvements to that gunplay are greatly appreciated. Any changes to Slug Royale are also greatly appreciated.

It’s worth noting that during the livestream, they also mentioned the possibility of changing up the meta as time goes on. The idea is so that the game doesn’t go stale, but we encourage Hi-Rez to please be cautious with balancing. Weapons shouldn’t go from being the best in-game to worst in-game in a single patch or vice-versa. It should be interesting to see how they balance weapons moving forward.

Other Changes We Like

First, let’s be clear that these changes do NOT offset the parts of this proposed patch that we don’t like. However, these are changes to the game that we welcome and would love to have:

  • Vaulting through windows – this makes players with Blink or Soar far easier to pursue than previously.
  • Golden chicken drops in-game which act as a currency for buying cosmetics at a new store. Excellent idea and a way for people to earn cosmetics without spending money.
  • Big game modes (50 v 50). However, the player base count is currently too low to add additional playlists so we hope they delay this for a little bit.

Wrapping It Up

Should you come back to Realm Royale for this update if you stopped playing? Well it’s tough to say – you might find it enjoyable if you like having a bit more RNG and excitement with crazy loot. For those of you on the competitive side, this upcoming patch is a pretty big turn off and we have doubts about how tournament play will look with these changes. In our humble opinion, it is a mistake to remove classes from the game as it is one of Realm Royale’s most unique selling points. Furthermore, the ability to reduce RNG with the Forge was a major improvement over other BRs which is now no longer going to be the case if these changes go live as is. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope.

P.S: Since a lot of the content on this website is based on classes, we don’t know when or if we’ll be rewriting that content. We will certainly wait a long enough time to see if Hi Rez commits to these changes and if they do, we’ll probably post an update at that time. You can still use the class master guides to find detailed descriptions of how to use each ability in the game.

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