Realm Royale Ranking System Explained

Ranking System Introduction

The Realm Royale ranking system is a relatively simple in its current state, although Hi-Rez has expressed interest in improving it as well as implementing seasons in the future. For now, however, your rank up until Masters is determined almost exclusively by the amount of games you play and your placements in those games. It is unknown at this point in time whether or not kills will help you rank up faster in the ranks before Master. It is not possible to derank in Realm Royale. There is a separate ranking for each of the following Battle Royale game-modes:

  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Squad

It is possible to achieve Diamond I, which is the highest rank before Master, with less than 5 wins (might even be possible with 0 wins). As such, the ranking system is mostly time-based rather than skill-based. Furthermore, the matchmaking in Realm Royale does not prioritize rank so you will frequently play against players who have a far lower or higher rank than you. 

Master Rank

In order to achieve the Master rank, you must win 50 games (50 first place finishes). Regardless of how well you performed during those wins in terms of kills, you will be awarded the Master rank. However, your kills (awarded when you kill a chicken) in each of the 50 games you won will be totaled to tell you how many kills you had in those 50 game wins. If you had exactly 10 kills in each of those games, then you would be a 500-kill Master since 50 games * 10 kills per game = 500 kills. However, you can improve your kill total by winning high kill games because Master kill totals are calculated as the sum total of your 50 best 1st place finishes.

Knowing this, what happens when you win your 51st game? Since your kills are tracked for every game you win, the game with the lowest amount of kills will not be used in the calculation. Let’s go back to our example where you had exactly 10 kills in all 50 of your 1st place finishes. If you then win for a 51st time and have 11 kills, your total would be 501 kills. Why? Because one of your games that had 10 kills would be replaced with the 11 kill game, increasing your total kills by 1. If you win for a 51st time and only get 9 kills, your total would remain 500 kills because your newest victory does not have high enough kills to replace any of your older victories.

It is worth noting that our examples so far have been overly simplistic to illustrate clearly how the Master rank works. Realistically, you’ll have some low-kill wins and some high-kill wins. This means that you can’t calculate the minimum kills required for you to increase your kill total as many people falsely assume. While it is intuitive to think that you must get more kills than your average kills per win, this is wrong as you may have a game with 5 kills and another game with 15 kills which still averages to 10 kills. In this instance, the minimum kills required to increase your kill total would be 6, not 11.

There is no definitive way to determine the minimum amount of kills you need to increase your kill total since currently there is no way to check in-game. However, if you win a game and your kill total increases, you can determine the exact amount of kills of the game that was replaced. To do so, see how much your kill total increased by and then subtract that amount from your newest win’s kill amount. For instance, if you win a game with 15 kills and your Master kill total increases by 10, then you can determine that your lowest kill victory was 5 kills. This will give you a rough idea of your minimum kills required to increase your Master kill total. 

Master Kill Total Brackets

In the future, Hi-Rez plans on releasing a Grandmaster rank that will be awarded only to the top 50 players with the highest Master kill total. As such, we’ve put together a bracket to help you get a a grasp on the relative skill level of different kill total Masters. It is worth noting that almost anyone can become a high kill Master with enough games played, so it isn’t the best indication of skill. Furthermore, high kill games require an aggressive game-style that limits Forging and looting time. Many skilled players choose not to go for high Master kill totals simply because they do not wish to play such a game-style. Keep this in mind when looking at our brief subjective assessment of each kill bracket below.

499 or lower: Below average

500 – 649: Average

650 – 799: Above Average

800 – 899: Master Slayer

900+: God-tier 


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